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Gun safe СО-110 3П
Gun safe СО-110 3П
Gun safe СО-110 3П
Gun safe СО-110 3П
Width (mm) 260
Depth (mm) 260
Height (mm) 1112
Internal dimensions Width (mm) 250
Internal dimensions Depth (mm) 230
Internal dimensions Height (mm) 970
Weight, kg 18
Type of lock (mechanical, electronic, other) key
Wardrobe SO-250/2
Wardrobe SO-250/2
Wardrobe SO-250/2
Wardrobe SO-250/2
Wardrobe SO-250/2
Reviews: 1
Width (mm) 500
Depth (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1800
Section width (mm) 250
Number of sections (pcs.) 1726
Gross weight, kg 34.52
Type of packing 1775
Package dimensions, mm 1952
Manufacturer 2129
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Mobile signalling Diplomat
Mobile signalling Diplomat
Mobile signalling Diplomat
Manufacturer Diplomat
Hand sanitising station GS-19
Hand sanitising station GS-19
Hand sanitising station GS-19
Width (mm) 390
Depth (mm) 660
Height (mm) 1950
Weight, kg 32.7
Type of packing Stretch film + cardboard corners
Manufacturer UHL-MASH
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Length (mm) 900
Width (mm) 595
Height (mm) 870
Load capacity, kg 300
Manufacturer UHL-MASH
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Official warranty - More than 20 years in the market of Ukraine and Europe.
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Reasonable prices - Metal furniture. Manufacturer's price.
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Delivery across Ukraine - UHL-MASH Company has more than 5 regional representative offices in Ukraine.
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UHL-MASH Company manufacturer of metal furniture

UHL-MASH company was founded in 1994. It has more than 25 years of professional activity in the Ukrainian market. It is based on the Kiev machine-building plant, which laid the foundation of the future company. The plant directed its activities to the production of metal furniture as a promising branch of development. In a short period of time the company has increased production capacity and formed the assortment. Today the company UHL-MASH offers competitive prices for products of European quality.

The use of modern equipment, without which further development is impossible, ensures the transition of production of PrAT ‘UHL-MASH’ to new progressive technologies. In this connection the number of services at the enterprise is expanding:

• design and manufacture of products according to customer specifications;

• cutting of ferrous, alloyed and non-ferrous metal sheets on laser systems and coordinate turret presses;

• manufacture of parts by bending on panel benders and bending machines;

• colouring of products with powder paints on automatic painting complexes with appropriate preparation of the surface of parts for painting both with own paints and customers paints;

• production of powder paints according to the RAL catalogue, or according to customer requirements;

• logistics services of our own fleet of vehicles;

More details on the content of the services provided can be found in the ‘Services’ section

Company objective

As the plant developed, the volume of output increased. There was a need to expand production, so in 2003 a subsidiary company ‘Metalivi Meblei’ was opened, which increased the capacity of the plant. Today the area of UHL-MASH is 16 000 m2, including covered and warehouse premises. The company employs more than 350 qualified specialists. This helps to follow market trends, so we always offer relevant and quality products. They are inspected during the manufacturing stages and undergo a detailed inspection before dispatch. Production meets the ISO 9001: 2018 standard and UkrCSMC certification #UA.C.188-16. We manufacture metal furniture in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological norms of Ukraine and European Union countries.

UHL-MASH uses high quality sheet metal to manufacture its products. It is used in industrial and commercial companies, medical institutions, private workshops and other areas. The metal is pre-treated, which increases mechanical resistance and corrosion protection. Polymer powder paint increases the operational properties of furniture. The products are coloured using equipment from GEMA, Ideal-Line and other global suppliers. Modern neutral colours are suitable for any interior.

The range includes the main categories:

• metal cabinets for storing clothes;

• industrial furniture, workbenches and benches;

• office furniture, stationery cabinets;

• burglary and fireproof safes;

• mobile and shelf racks;

• server cabinets and racks;

• laboratory furniture;

• accounting cabinets;

• plastic containers;

• stainless steel products;

• bread baking equipment.

With the current price growth UHL-MASH tries to maintain the optimal cost of products. Our quality is recognised by awards of furniture forums, international and national exhibitions EIA, ‘Krashchy eksporter roku’ and exhibitions ‘Avtoservisa STO’. In 2012 the company received the title ‘Leader of the Galuzi’, which takes into account the operational properties, degree of wear and tear and practicality of furniture. The company develops export activities to more than 16 countries, because the products meet European criteria.

Prospects and plans

UHL-MASH employs a design bureau that implements its own developments that have no analogues in the market. A powerful machine park, as well as equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers are used in the work. Salvagnini complex gives an opportunity to bend metal into complex shapes, and Fronius-Kavasaki equipment provides professional welding. Each type of products is presented in a set of modifications to meet the needs of customers. In addition to the basic functionality, the equipments capabilities are enhanced by additional equipment. We offer shelves, panels and other elements for productive operation of metal furniture.

The Pallet Drive - in System ensures the safety of products and their quick loading. The company has its own vehicle fleet, which delivers orders in a timely manner. Please contact your manager and he will answer any questions you may have. Our showroom presents serial products and new design solutions. We present exclusive products from partners at attractive prices.