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Cluster mailbox

Cluster Mail Boxes

Cluster mail boxes are intended for frequent correspondence exchange. They can be very helpful at post offices, major office centres, banks and private businesses. This unit features cluster mail boxes with various configuration of clusters.

Mail Boxes

Cluster mailboxes of different models for use in banks and cash settlement centers to store subscriber payment documents in post offices due to store correspondence, as well as enterprises and organizations to ensure a streamlined workflow between departments.

The most of cluster mailboxes used in banks and cash settlement centers where the vouchers retain subscribers. Mailbox often used in post offices because of the purpose of storage correspondence. In addition, mail boxes bought by companies and organizations in order to ensure rational workflow between departments of the company.

Cluster mailboxes are made of sheet steel. All users have their personal mail boxes with individual key, relevant only to their subscriber box.

Mail box is equipped with special locks to each box individually locked and had a separate key. All models of mailboxes are common metal door with central locking system that provides access across the internal space of user's cabinet. If the client has the desire, the subscriber metal cabinets can be equipped with sealing devices. Cabinets are supplied assembled.

Metal mailbox useful as places of transmission of documents, such as office workers or couriers. With a variety of range, you can buy a mailbox that will perform directly one task that you need. Depending on what you plan to store documents in a box and that you have the number of transmitted correspondence, mail boxes can buy different dimensions. Different models and modifications email cabinets have a different number and size of cells. To put the documents in boxes, you must first open the entire front of the cabinet post or each cell separately. Each cell is unique personal email castle, featuring high secrecy.

Section cluster mailboxes are made of steel, each subscriber uses his cell, with individual key. Mailboxes are designed for storing correspondence delivered in doorways houses.