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Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали

Drawer Cabinets

Machine Tool Cabinets

Our machine tool cabinets are intended for arranging mobile working places at industrial enterprises, workshops and car service stations. Our tool cabinets can be furnished with a various number of drawers of three dimension-types, as well as a door (D). Cabinet drawers are 100% extensible and are furnished with telescopic runners. Drawer load capacity is 40 kg. All of the drawers are locked with a central lock. Tool cabinets’ top constitutes a tray fitted out with an oil and petrol resistant rubber mat.

D – door

М – Little drawer (h 81 mm)

S – Medium drawer (h 164 mm)

L – Large drawer (h 248 mm)

Our machine tool cabinets can be furnished with lodgements for storing piercing tools, punches, matrixes and puller devices for А, В, С, D stations of Thick Turret coordinate-punching machines by the Mate company, as well as for those of the following machines: Finn-Power, Amada, LVD, Euromac, Rainer, AM, etc.

Drawer cabinets

Tool cupboard needs to equip steady jobs in industry, in repair shop and automotive services.Drawer cabinets are used to equip large enterprises and small businesses. Drawer cabinets are designed for storing tools, expensive small parts, consumables, components, accessories and others. All metal cabinets are equipped with quality ball guide for smooth extension drawers. Each drawer holds up to 30 kg, extends completely. If desired, pushing the latch guide, any drawer can be detached from stone. Storage space for tools - it is always a topical issue. Any sphere of human activity, which is associated with the working process in the manufacture, production or repair of any product, requires a large number of tools that have to daily use. Randomly scattered instruments evoke the feeling of carelessness that leads to mistrust on the part of the client. That is why the instruments should be kept and certain specially designed for this location. The best fit for these purposes is a piece of furniture, as tool cupboard. Tool cabinets are closed box with the presence of various shelves, hooks and drawers that allow to sort and organize large and small tools.

Tool cupboard - a functional piece of furniture that not only allows storing different tools, but also to prevent unauthorized access to it - all thumbs are equipped with individual locks. Most durable, practical and inexpensive material for manufacturing tools is a metal sheet. Metal drawer cabinets are resistant to fire, moisture, and effectively protect the instrument against unauthorized entry. In addition, metal cabinets for tools have an attractive appearance and fit perfectly into any interior decoration or even become an office or industrial premises. Cupboard for the tool can be equipped with a variety of boxes in three sizes, as well as the door.


  • Rugged, reliable design
  • Modern design, not inferior to European producers
  • Polymeric painting with predvoritelnіm phosphating
  • Body color gray (RAL-7015), facade (RAL-7040)
  • Drawers on telescopic rails
  • The drawers are 100%
  • The load on the box 30 kg
  • Central locking drawers on pedestals
  • Tray mat maslobenzostojky two orbital, two swivel casters