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Mobile Workshop

Mobile Auto Repair Shop Equipment

It is intended for equipping mobile auto repair shops and vehicles of municipal emergency services, so that tools and equipment are placed in a way that ensures the optimal employment of all the available repair truck space. It is important to place the required set of tools within the least amount of space and ensure quick and easy access to each tool, which considerably increases the efficiency of operations.

Our module systems assure the most effective solutions. Functionality, reliability and user-friendliness of our equipment greatly lighten operators’ work. Modules can be optionally furnished with a sliding table top mechanism, a vice, separators, mounted elements and pegs.

Various modifications and sizes of our modules allow to equip virtually any modern repair truck.

Equipment for mobile auto repair shop

Mobile repair shop - a fairly broad term that includes a specially fit out vehicles designed to carry out repair or maintenance work. They may be subject to special machines and equipment, sewage system, hot and cold water.
That is the object depends vehicle equipment and special equipment transport furniture. For example, if you need a mobile shop, she can not do without gas welding, compressor, lathe, manual or electric winches. All this is put into a special compartment of the van, allowing convenient to perform the necessary work and providing security.

Also mobile workshop can be equipped small equipment for tire, special stands and machines. Mobile workshop for municipal services of the city may include in addition to all of the above, electric welding machine, powered by a stand-alone. In all these kinds of vans must ensure that there are lockers, shelves and shelves, which can be positioned hand tools, provide easy access to it and its secure fit when moving mobile auto repair shop.

Variants of Mobile Workshop