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Shelf trolleys

Industrial Hand Carts (Warehousing Hand Carts)

Platform hand carts are the most widely used type of warehousing trolleys. They can be used not only in the warehousing business but also at industrial facilities, in wholesale and retail trade and, in some cases, even for home purposes. The entire range of carts is classified by the following parameters: carrying capacity, wheel type, availability of optional elements (e.g.: handles, sides and shelves).

The carrying capacity of our carts lies within the range of 250 to 400 kg. The above factor is influenced by the cart model and wheel type. In turn, the dimensions and type of load determine the size and configuration of the cart itself. Having chosen a basic configuration, you will receive a platform hand cart with one handle and one loading level 90х60, 125х70 or 150х80 cm in size. To provide for facilitation of the use, our carts can be furnished with a second handle and one or two additional shelves, which will enlarge their loading area by two or three times respectively. Installation of cage sides allows for transportation of a large number of small-sized items loss-free.

Our carts can be shipped to you fully assembled or knocked down that allows to significantly reduce your transportation costs. Casts’ assemblage does not take much time and can be performed by one worker.

The upshot of all the above is that the platform cart’s model and parameters should be selected based on its operating conditions and estimated carrying loads.

Shelf Carts

VPR-1 sectional three-shelf mobile cart is intended for arranging a mobile working place as well as for transportation of various loads. Our carts are fitted out with wheels (100 mm in diameter), two of them being non-rotary and two – rotary, one of which is equipped with the brake, which ensures easy maneuvering in any direction. Our carts are shipped to you knocked down that ensures their convenient transportation. The middle shelf can be installed in three positions.

VPS-1 welded three-shelf mobile cart is intended for arranging a mobile working place as well as for transportation of various loads. Our carts are fitted out with wheels (100 mm in diameter) that ensure easy maneuvering in any direction.

Cart dimensions: h900х460х750 mm.

Carts’ Configuration Options

  • VPS-1 welded three-shelf cart
  • VPR-1 sectional three-shelf cart
  • VPR-1 cart with one drawer
  • VPR-1 cart with two drawers

Shelf trolleys - the most common type of warehouse trucks. They can use in the storage business, in factories, wholesale and retail trade, some cases, even in everyday life. The entire range of platform trolleys are classified by the following parameters: type of platform type castors, capacity, availability additional elements, e.g., knobs or beads, of the wheels. Payload fold shelf trolley is in the range from 150 to 550 kg. This factor will certainly affect the form and type of trolley wheels, in turn, dictates the size of the truck, and therefore the size of goods. The most common meaning of the additional design features includes the side of trucks and handles. The need for these decisions is conditioned area use shelf trolley. The conclusion from the above is that the model parameters and the platform trolleys should be selected from the conditions of its operation and planned loads. Shelf trolleys are used for transportation and compact storage of parts, tools, different devices and medical equipment in closed and open areas, warehouses and industrial premises. Shelf trolley - is welded system consisting of stainless steel tube with one or two handles and steel flat pallets with borders. The most common two- and three-shelf trolley, but the manufacturer it is nonetheless makes them multi-shelf. In some models of shelf trolleys, you can put in place the pan welded wire mesh baskets made of steel wire with different variants of the height of the side walls. For comfortable movement each shelving trolley is equipped with four wheels, which depends on the type of truck. Mobile carts shelf with three shelves are designed to create a mobile workplace, as well as transportation of various cargoes.

Mobile carts for tools set of wheels with a diameter of 100 mm - two orbital, two swivel, one of which with brakes, making it easy to move the tool carriage in either direction.

Transport trucks are widely used in industrial plants, workshops and car repair.