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Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали
Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали


VS Series Carpenter’s Benches

Carpenter’s benches are intended for woodwork performance at industrial enterprises, workshops and educational institutions.

Our carpenter’s bench is composed of a metal base and 40 mm thick beech wood top with edge reinforcement.

Workbenches of this series can be fitted out with a holdfast, drawers and mounted cabinets. Cabinet drawers are 100% extensible and are furnished with telescopic runners. Drawer load capacity is 40 kg.

Our workbenches’ design ensures a reliable joining between the metal base and the 40 mm thick beech wood top with edge reinforcement. Workbenches of this series constitute a collapsible skeleton structure. Being powdered colour dyed they have attractive outward appearance and feature high mechanical damage resistance. Height adjustment range is between 750 mm and 1000mm with 50 mm step.


  • VS 21 Cappenter’s Bench (1200х620х750-1000h mm)
  • VS 31 Cappenter’s Bench (1500х620х750-1000h mm)
  • VS 41 Cappenter’s Bench (1800х620х750-1000h mm)
  • M Mounted Box
  • MS Mounted Cabinet
  • ZM Mounted Cabinet
  • Holdfast (150 mm)
  • Holdfast (175 mm)


Joiner bench needed for beginners craftsmen and skilled employees. Joiner workbench called a special device in the form of a table on which manually processed products made from wood or metal. They are fit out with professional and home studios, as well as school classrooms and labor offices of children's art circles. Benches are divided by purpose: joinery, plumbing and carpentry.

If you want to buy a joiner bench, be clear for what purpose and to what level it is taken to a specialist. So, for example, for specialized companies engaged finished wood products, use professional carpentry benches. This device is made of solid wood and very loaded equipment: two vise, tool tray and many other necessary devices. Countertop appliance that has a thickness of not less than sixty millimeters executed from birch, beech or pine.

There are also a combination of rocks, for example, very often you can find a workbench with beech and pine top. If the bench is necessary for educational purposes, it would be a good option, as is natural, a simpler model, workbench carpenter school or apprenticeship. First, the price will be much lower, and secondly, he will own the core set of required equipment, such as side and front vise or tool box. That is, its functionality will be at a decent level in comparison with professional equipment. The school is also a workbench razborochno structure bonded wooden wedges, but it is easier than professional. This equipment will allow to complete the entire list of Carpentry, do wood carving, although its form and performance parameters are selected in such a way as to ensure that during the occupation of young beginners and masters.