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File Shelving SK

ST Shelving

Racks of this type are used at storage facilities of banking institutions, libraries, archives and record depositaries. Our shelving is affordable, dependable and efficient. Various coating types are available. Shelf adjustment step is 38 mm. Maximum shelf load capacity – up to 80 kg. Our storage racks are light and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Shelving Racking

Metal shelving are widely used for IC equipment depots, stations, archives, factories, etc.

This type of metal shelving is mainly used to store piece goods.

Shelves series SK are designed for use in offices, warehouses, houses, garage, in the basement and the attic, etc. Shelves used primarily for storage of piece goods. Metal shelves or racks for home comfortable in warehouses with a small amount of traffic as all operations for loading and shipment of goods from the shelving made manually.

Our racks series SK have an assembly design that can significantly extend the options for layouts and allows you to adjust the height and supplemented with shelves and racks. Step adjustment of shelves 38 millimetres. Maximum load on the shelf rack series SK is 120 kg, which allows you to put on the shelves of a relatively large number of things. The thickness of the metal material of the rack, is 1.5 millimetre. Metal Shelving System is the most popular equipment and placed in the rooms for different purposes: from classrooms, libraries and archives to the bay warehouses. Shelf metal rack system consists of vertical perforated racks and shelves. Racks used for the manufacture of perforated angle. Rack Height Metal racks are selected according to the height of the room and the nature of the stored cargo. The number and size of shelves depends on the customer, in this case, due to perforation and bolt mounting system, adjust the distance between the shelves, allowed you already in service. Ready Rack groups can be arranged in parallel lines, shoulder or angle that allows the most effective use of every inch of the desired area.

SK series shelving comfortable stock with a small volume of freight, as all operations for loading and shipment of products with shelf racks are made manually. Shelving racks are made of sheet metal.

Metal shelving of SK series are made with a groove and extra ribs. Rack design is able to withstand loads up to 120 kg distributed load on the shelf that allows you to store them on hard, non-standard products at several levels.

Metal racks of SK series are collected by the hardware, which included shelves.