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Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали

Shelving STS

STS Medium Load Rack

Racks of this type can be used for furnishing warehouses, libraries, archives and depositories. Maximum shelf load capacity – up to 200 kg. Coating – polymeric powder, colour – light-gray (RAL 7035). Our racks have solid metal supports. Shelves are made from cold-rolled steel and have and additional reinforcement rib. Screw connection of our racks ensures easy assemblage. Racks are available in a number of dimensions.

File Shelving

Metal shelving of STS series are used for warehouses, service stations, archives, factories, etc.

These metal shelving are used mainly for storage of piece goods. Metal shelving are convenient in warehouses with a small volume of turnover, as all operations for loading and shipment of goods from the shelf racks are made manually.

However, due to the thickness profile of metal shelving (metal thickness - 2 mm) solid shelving racks, extra ribs on the shelves (1mm thick steel) and mounting design, this series racks capable of supporting a shelf up to 200 kg. Therefore, metal racks allow you to store heavy, substandard goods in several levels.

All other advantages, metal racks have an attractive appearance, robust construction and are easily transported.