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Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали

Clothing Cupboards


Wardrobes are intended for storage of employees’ outer clothing and personal belongings in offices and industrial premises.

Depending on the model, our wardrobes can be equipped with shelves, partitions, a bench and other additional options. Each of the wardrobe sections has a hanger crossbar and a peg, and is locked up with an individual key.

Doors are furnished with latch locks. Our wardrobes are dependable and convenient in use. Being powdered colour dyed they have attractive outward appearance and feature high scratch and mechanical damage resistance.

Ukrainian metal furniture manufacturer would like to offer cooperation in procurement and distribution metal furniture.

Our company “UHL-MASH” is expert in B2B or B2C furniture solutions.

Using our metal furniture you can organize working place, dressing room, storage system, offices, laboratory, server room, which will serve you for years.

We cover mining, military, energy, car industry, automotive repair service, logistics, aviation, agriculture, manufacturing to start.

For 20 years of experience in manufacturing metal furniture we have deserved the recognition of many international companies and government organizations.

This excellence guarantees permanent reliability of our furniture.

We design, advice, deliver to customers on demand.

We do care of our clients, that is why we offer reliable robust products in a higher quality.

Thank you for attention. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Wardrobes (SOM series)

Clothes lockers (SOM series)

Optional Wardrobe Elements

Optional configuration elements allow for substantial broadening of the metal wardrobes’ functionality.

Wardrobes (SO series)

Clothes lockers (SO series)

Children’s Wardrobes

Children’s wardrobes are intended for pre-school educational institutions. Their main advantages include high solidity, durability and resistance to environmental effects. This is particularly important considering children’s overactivity.

Bodies and doors of our wardrobes are made from sheet steel and are powdered colour dyed, which gives them attractive outward appearance and high mechanical damage resistance.

Doors are provided with a sealant and shock-absorbers stimulating smooth and stepless door closing. Our children’s wardrobes are dependable and convenient in use.

Metal wardrobe

  • High quality raw materials
  • There is an effective ventilation system because of two-level layout louvers on the door
  • Cabinet has a high strength of construction which provides a high resistance from breaking.
  • There are hanger, hook, shelf and individual lock (EUROLOCK) at each section.
  • It is painted with powder paint and has an
  • anti-corrosion treatment (phosphate), which gives an attractive appearance and increased durability. No rust.

The color of products:

  • Body – light grey RAL 7035
  • Front – light grey RAL 7035

* Metal cabinet for clothes shipped disassembled and packed. To assemble cabinet you will need only 15 minutes. The cabinet has a rigid structure.

Prices in USD, without VAT tax by EXW, Ukraine, Kyiv. All products are on warehouse.

For all questions contact:


PJSC "UHL-MASH", 03680, Ukraine, Kazimir Malevich Street, 66

Khvostenko Serge

cell. +38 (067) 323-73-62

tel.: +38 (044) 521-01-01; (internal.* 106) Skype: kala4eg

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Metal wardrobes

Do you want to equip the workspace for the team? This problem can be solved without any extra efforts if you pay attention to the metal wardrobes. Submitted kinds of wardrobe are metal furniture which main features are reliability and functionality.

Wardrobes are not only an integral part of locker rooms, storage areas or production plants, they are comfortable for storage of clothes of employees and other personnel, visitors of gyms, water parks and schools. Large assortment and consumer characteristics of our wardrobes will satisfy even the most demanding customers. All models are equipped with a wardrobe fixed shelves for hats, the bar for hangers and a hook, and can also be equipped with a removable shelf for shoes.

Standard models of wardrobes are closed on the flag lock, but customized models can be equipped with a twist handle under the padlock in any section of the wardrobe or complemented with locks of high security.
We are also considering the proposals for individual drawings and production of custom wardrobes.

Metal children’s wardrobes

Metal children's wardrobes are used for equipment of preschool institutions.

The main advantages of children's wardrobes are high strength, durability, resistance to environment. This is especially true in areas with high activity.

Metal wardrobes are made of sheet steel and coated with a powder paint which makes children's wardrobes attractive and of high durability. Wardrobe doors are made of sealants and shock absorbers, which provides a soft and smooth closing of the door. Metal children's wardrobes are reliable and easy to operate.