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Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали

Shopping mall lockers


Lockers are intended for storage of personal belongings and clothing in supermarkets, changing rooms of swimming pools, saunas, water parks, etc. They could be perfect for arranging individual luggage lockers at bus/train terminals.

Our lockers are made of sheet steel. Their doors are furnished with Euro-Locks (Germany). Our lockers are dependable and convenient in use.

Being powdered colour dyed they have attractive outward appearance and feature high mechanical damage resistance.

Metal wardrobe

One of the main attributes of modern supermarkets and shops are considered shops lockers or wardrobes for bags.

The shops lockers, on one hand, free the customers from having to carry heavy things, and on the other, enable the store owner to reduce the risk of theft.

The shops locker is a welded metal construction consisting of cells with a certain number of sections.

Each locker has an individual lock which ensures the safety of things during the absence of the owner.

The lockers may be composed of one, two or more sections. The wardrobe design allows you to make quick installation and dismantling of the entire complex.

To prevent the rusting and to give an aesthetically nice view lockers are painted with polymer powder light grey paint.

If the client wishes the closet for bags can be painted in corporate colors or fitted with decorative elements.

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