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Drawer Steel File Cabinet

Filing Cabinets

SF series filing cabinets are intended for holding various documentation. They have drawers furnished with hanging file storage system. The number and width of filing cabinet drawers depends on the volume of the documentation stored. Reliable drawer slides enable drawers’ full extension. Our drawer unit design allows for storage of A4 or Foolscap files. Besides hanging files, our drawer unit provides for arrangement of additional A5 and A6 format boxes intended for storage of labour books, passports, medical cards and other documents.

On the front face of each drawer there is a label holder, which allows systematizing your archives by topic, priority, in the alphabetical order, etc.

All of our filing cabinets are furnished with a special interlock device, which allows only one drawer to be pulled out at a time, ensuring that the cabinet will not tip over.

SF series cabinets are made from quality 0.8 mm cold-rolled steel. They are powdered colour dyed a light-gray colour and furnished with central mechanical or electronic locks.

Filing cabinets КС and КS

KS and KSh filing cabinets are intended for storage of A5 and A6 format documents. These can include labour books, passports, medical cards, personal files, etc. Our filing cabinets are furnished with fully extensible drawers with permissible load capacity of up to 40 kg.

KS series filing cabinets can be used at industrial enterprises, medical facilities, archives and other institutions where it is required to handle big amounts of documentation.

On the contrary, KSh series filing cabinets are compact, and thus can be in demand at small enterprises, organizations and offices. To ensure convenient document handling, filing cabinets are fitted with partitions and separators, which can be standard or optional.

Cabinets of these types are furnished with central mechanical or electronic locks. They are shipped fully assembled.

A mapper is a filing cabinet for storage of A1 format documents (topographic maps, drawings, image carriers, etc.).

To store documents of a smaller format, a drawer can be fitted with separators.

Our mappers have ten drawers with and are furnished with central mechanical locks. Each drawer is equipped with a presser bar that prevents documents from being crumpled when a drawer is pulled out.

Filing Cabinets

File cases need to store documents various formats. All file cases are equipped with central lock which closes all drawers and provides protection against unauthorized access to the documents. Provided for the storage and archiving of accounting documents and folders with personal affairs.

File cases are made for storage in perfect order large volumes of documents, file cases have all the necessary options in order to provide you free access to any papers containing the necessary information.

Covering for cases is polymer powder. The paint has good adhesion characteristics and ensures a solid and sustainable durable finish.

Due to the wonderful appearance all catalogs perfectly fit into the modern design of office space.