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Server Racks

SC Floor Server Assembly Cabinets

SC floor server assembly cabinet constitutes a universal construction for the following standard mounted equipment: communication stations, telecommunication and server equipment and data storage units. When furnished with shelves, it provides for installation of various nonstandard server equipment.

Our cabinets feature a collapsible structure. Their basic configuration includes perforated installation rails, removable side walls, a set of locks with keys, a top and a bottom (allowing for installation of fan blocks), heightadjustable legs and rollers for cabinet’s transportation. A frame is fitted with earth terminals. The cabinets are furnished with a removable floor with a cable-input.

Specifications and configuration:

  • Cabinet with front and back doors and removable side walls.
  • Front door with twist handle.
  • Base dimensions (width х depth) – 600 х 600 mm, 600 х800 mm, 600 х 1000 mm, height – 18U (h = 1000 mm), 32U (h = 1650 mm), 42U (h = 2050 mm).
  • Adjustable supports.
  • Maximum static load capacity – up to 500 kg.
  • Two pairs of vertical 19” guides with 1U(44.45 mm) step.
  • Coating – polymeric powder with prior surface phosphatation.
  • Cable-penetration – through bottom and top.
  • Adjustable metal profiles’ depth.
  • Wide range of accessories.

Floor Standing Server Racks

Floor standing server rack is a universal design to install 19 inch mounted standard network equipment, telecommunications, server, communication station, and for the shelves - all non-standard equipment.

Basic server equipment cabinet includes mounting perforated rails, removable side walls, a set of locks and keys, lid and bottom with optional fan unit, height-adjustable feet, and castors to move. The frame stipulated earth wire. Floor - removable, with cable entry.

The server cabinet is designed to accommodate, storage and protection of all telecom and server equipment. There are wall and floor cabinets server. The most common floor is reached Racks due to its practicality and reliability of the design. Also Floor Racks are not limited in depth and not restrict access to the back of the equipment. The standard unit of measurement usable height, as a rule, are not millimetres, and the so-called units (unit). One unit has a size of 44.45 mm. The distance between the racks is 19 inches, which is the standard size for mounting the server and telecommunication equipment.

UHL-MASH company produces high quality server cabinets of various configurations and sizes. The material is cold-rolled steel production, which is covered with powder paint that has a light grey colour. Our Floor Racks with adjustable height support for the precision of horizontality position shelves. To simplify transportation and installation developed a special collapsible design. Floor standing racks provides for various equipment accessories, such as air and outlet units, shelves, drawers, and so on. To facilitate access our floor racks with removable side panels and front / rear door. Also all items have special connectors for grounding. Doors floor server cabinets locked in handy with rotary locks.

To safely transport our floor standing racks are supplied in a special original packaging.

In order to provide convenient access to telecommunication or server hardware, cabinet assembly equipped with removable walls and mounting rails with perforations. The design of telecommunication chases involves the installation of ventilation and power units for extra cooling. Also the telecommunications closet is complete and removable floor grounding cable input, a set of locks and keys, lid and adjustable height stands, roller bearing to move.

Doors in server cabinets can be glass-metal, perforated or full metal. Cabinet with perforated doors cheaper and has better natural ventilation. Doors can be both right and left batch. Removable side walls can be fixed chiselled locks have additional perforations.