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Cabinets for weapons and gun safes

Gun safes are designed for storage of different types of weapons and accessories. They provide the necessary level of protection against unauthorized access.

Our company UHL-MASH offers three types of safes: gun safes, pistols safes and cabinets for big count of weapons. All of them are made of high quality sheet steel and have a reliable high security locks. Each safe is designed for convenient and optimal deployment of weapons and accessories for them. Gun safes coated by dark grey powder, which gives them a minimalistic design and inconspicuous appearance.

According to the instructions for the storage of guns, any fire, air and edged weapons must be stored in specially designated safe. Gun safes have increased strength, used to storage weapons and to prevent access to it by outsiders, intruders or children. To obtain a license to possess firearms must be certified safe for storage of weapons, installed and secured by all the rules. Gun safes manufactured by UHL-MASH company, specially tailored to meet all the requirements and nuances of storing various types of weapons. The safe door closed on a special high-security lock. Some models of safes for guns have a special inner compartment, the so-called trailer, which the optional lock for storing guns or more valuable items. This may be the ammunition, ammunition, tools, etc. Our safes have a quality certificate and all the necessary supporting documentation. Each hunter must have at least one gun safe, where he keeps achievers not only weapons, but also other valuables. In some cases, gun safes to store useful things that need to be isolated from children - flammable, reactive, and others.

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