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Fume cupboards

Fume cupboard is used to secure the implementation of a range of medical and chemical problems associated with the risk of the spread of aggressive substances. A striking example of the use of chemical fume cabinet is to work with explosive reagents, acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, etc. The wide range of aggressive and dangerous substances, it should be noted that a case for chemistry classroom, can be successfully used not only in schools, high schools and universities, but also in furniture factories, research laboratories, and automotive companies in all areas, so that or otherwise associated with the use of hazardous substances. Laboratories usually carried out research and diagnostic tests. Quality and accurate results of the studies are not possible without the use of modern medical laboratory equipment, such as laboratory fume cupboard. Fume cabinet designed to protect the laboratory worker when working with hazardous chemicals, which are often highly toxic and highly volatile. In addition, in the course of several studies, the formation of dangerous gases and vapors, to protect against the harmful effects this helps to fume cupboards. The basis of the laboratory equipment is extra strong frame made of metal profile is usually high strength. The design of the hood combines two parts - exhaust chamber and the basis on which you are installing the hood. This piece of furniture should be used in conjunction with an external extraction system, the effect of which is based on the forced removal of volatile hazardous substances from the territory of the working area of the cabinet.

The working surface of the piece of furniture must always be covered with neutral materials resistant to aggressive chemicals. Fume cupboards for laboratories are modern equipment, allowing use in the analysis of a wide range of fluids and hazardous chemicals. It is suitable for use in diagnostic centers and laboratories of any kind. This site presents a huge number of modern cabinets, which allow the study of different types. All of them are made of high quality material, coating their durability and resistance to aggressive. Depending on the needs of the customer can be individually selected material of the working surface, the presence of additional components: lamps, sockets, sink fan. Fume cupboards offered here meet all the highest quality standards required medical and laboratory personnel.