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Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали
Скидки до 30% на товары из нержавеющей стали


Lockers are designed for storage of personal belongings and clothes indoors supermarkets, locker rooms of swimming pools, water parks. Locker is perfect as individual cell for storage in offices, educational institutions, chambers for storage in stores. Nowadays the locker can be seen almost anywhere in the accumulation of human masses. This can be airports, railway stations, department stores and so on. They are designed primarily for the storage of heavy short or not necessary at the moment things or luggage. High popularity won luggage stores. They greatly simplify the process of choosing and buying a commodity, because the buyer has a hands-free and carries a weight.

Metal lockers are made of sheet metal, which greatly increases their lifetime and durability. UHL-MASH company produces high quality metal lockers that have been successfully used by many companies for many years. Our lockers are covered by high quality powder paint, which gives them a presentable appearance and increased resistance to abrasion. An additional advantage of the polymer coating has a smooth surface that significantly reduces the amount of dust and dirt accumulates and simplifies the process of washing and cleaning. Various kinds of modifications size cameras and external dimensions of expanding their scope and allows you to enter any configuration almost premises.

Locker doors can be locked using the various options and types of locks. These can be conventional key or even magnetic code. Door is equipped with locks Euro-Locks, Germany. Lockers (cell cabinets) are reliable and easy to operate.