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Elite Safes of the «Patriot» Design Series

Elite Safes of the «Patriot» Design Series

Dear customers! We are glad to inform you about the addition of elite safes to our range. A brief description is provided below. SAFES design SERIES "PATRIOT". Purpose: storage of weapons, documents and valuables.


Customers are offered 6 design options for safes, each of which uses steel decorative elements and forged products. Unlike all other types of products, design elements in VIP safes have a very important application function-they increase its protective characteristics. How many decorative elements do not put on the car – it will not be better to drive. At the same time, steel plates on the body and doors of the safe strengthen the most vulnerable places, making it difficult for unauthorized access. The color scheme of decorative paintwork enhances the Patriotic and functional perception of products, finishing the internal volume of safes with fabric makes them prestigious and eliminates damage to the contents. 

Distinctive features:

  • original design;
  • the ability to layout the useful volume taking into account the customers.

Regardless of the design solution, the safes are offered in 7 versions according to the layout of the useful volume. The use of various combinations of shelves, trailers (cash compartments), partitions, sub – barrels allows the customer to choose the most convenient operation option-from a purely weapon safe to a safe for storing documents and valuables. The most interesting, from our point of view, are the versions that allow you to fit all the purposes in one product. In this case, a reinforced trailer for valuables (documents), a trailer for ammunition, shelves and sub-barrels (for example, version 03) are installed inside the safe.

Safes without a secret compartment in the base:

  • Height-1540;
  • Width-500;
  • Depth-400.

Safes with a secret compartment in the base:

  • Height-1650;
  • Width-500;
  • Depth-400.

A very interesting option is the presence in the design, at the request of the customer, a secret compartment in the base of the safe. It's not that it's hard to find. Structurally, it is welded into the safe before installing other internal elements, which significantly complicate the use of tools for hacking.

The thickness of the protective layer of the door is from 6 to 10 mm (including reinforcing overhead elements). The thickness of the body walls is from 4 to 8 mm (including reinforcing overhead elements). Execution of internal volume layouts of safes of the "Patriot" design series. Execution of internal volume layouts of safes with a secret compartment of the "Patriot" design series».

Locking of trailers (cash compartments):

  • a reinforced Trailer for documents and valuables – MAUER "helicopter";
  • locking the secret compartment – a key 2-turn lock of the lever type;
  • a trailer for ammunition – a key 2-turn lock of the lever type.

Locking safe doors: the active deadbolt system locks the door in three directions, the passive deadbolts engage with the body when the doors are closed. Locks on the safe door: at the request of the customer can be used: key locks MAUER or electronic - mechanical LA GARD (or equivalent).