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Features of locker room equipment

Features of locker room equipment

Changing rooms are mandatory for many institutions: gyms, swimming pools, schools and kindergartens, factories. The room is necessarily equipped with metal cabinets, benches, hangers. Special requirements are put forward for furniture, which depends on the scope of its application. Let's take a closer look at how to choose benches and lockers for changing rooms.

What kind of furniture is suitable for changing rooms in the pool

Furniture should be selected taking into account the operating conditions in the changing rooms. There is always high humidity in the changing rooms, so the equipment must be resistant to moisture. Metal cabinets have this property. They retain their characteristics and appearance even when exposed to moisture and temperature surges.


In addition, a metal wardrobe has advantages:

  • corrosion resistance — metal locker cabinets are pre-treated and coated with powder paint, so rust does not appear on their surface;
  • reliability — the metal cabinet is made of sheet steel, which serves for a long time even under conditions of active operation;
  • convenience — lockers in the locker room can be equipped with shelves, hooks, towel holders, shoe drawers, mirrors, etc.;
  • accessibility — furnishing the locker room with metal cabinets is cheaper than equipping with wooden furniture.

In addition, the locker room cabinet should have a reliable lock so that visitors do not worry about the safety of things. Locks can be mechanical and electronic.

Arrangement of the locker room in the gym

Among all the options on the market, metal wardrobes are the most popular when equipping locker rooms in fitness centres and gyms. This is due to high attendance, high humidity, which is created by open shower stalls.

All these factors are not terrible for an iron cabinet. In the manufacture of furniture for the fitness club, sheet steel is used. Unlike the usual MDF and chipboard, it is not affected by increased humidity and temperatures. In addition, locker rooms in the gym are characterized by durability, durability and reliability.

What kind of furniture to choose for changing rooms of kindergartens and schools

Lockers are a mandatory attribute of locker rooms in educational institutions. The furniture that people come into contact with must be safe, comfortable, and durable. Moreover, lockers for clothes for school should be suitable for height.

Metal lockers for school and kindergarten meet these requirements. They are functional, wear-resistant, do not require frequent maintenance, easy to use and maintain. They are equipped with modern, reliable accessories. As standard, the wardrobe is equipped with a spacious compartment and hooks for outerwear, shelves for placing shoes.

To rationally use the useful area of the room, you can use multisectional wardrobes. Each section has its door, which closes with a lock. Three- and five-section metal cabinets are in demand in educational institutions.

Features of the arrangement of locker rooms in production

Sports and utility rooms are equipped by sanitary requirements and safety. In particular, it is important to ensure the availability of cabinets for work clothes and personal belongings. The most popular in the arrangement of changing rooms at the enterprise are metal wardrobes.

Cabinets have many advantages:

  • Durability — furniture is made of sheet metal. It is characterized by reliability and resistance to moderate mechanical stress. Cabinets are processed and coated with powder paint. Due to this, it is reliably protected from corrosion. The appearance has been preserved for years during active operation.
  • Possibility of use in any premises — metal cabinets are suitable for installation in production. For care, it is enough to use household products and wipe the surfaces from dust.
  • Multiple installations — changing cabinets for personnel, if necessary, can be easily disassembled and then reassembled. This greatly simplifies transportation, and also allows you to save on the purchase of new products when moving.

As a rule, the wardrobe for changing workers has two separate sections located on top of each other. Each section is equipped with a shelf and is locked. They are equipped with ventilation holes for free air circulation.

Benches are an important element of locker rooms. They are selected based on the area of the room, the placement of cabinets, the number of people who are in the locker room at the same time. Benches with a metal frame and a wooden seat are the most popular in the arrangement of changing rooms. They are stable, comfortable, durable. Benches with backs are placed along the walls, benches without backs — between the rows of cabinets. You can get acquainted with the range of furniture for changing rooms on the UHL-MASH website. The manufacturer offers reliable cabinets or benches for its production.