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Shelving unit

Shelving unit

Overview of metal shelving

Racks are designed for storing various types of goods, items, documentation, etc. They minimize the space occupied and make it easier to access the items stored on them. The most reliable and durable are racks made of metal. The UHL-MASH company makes a wide choice of racks. Depending on the storage conditions, such as climatic conditions and the weight of stored items, the racks are made of steel of different thickness and have different coatings. The racks are covered with either light gray powder paint or zinc, which will extend their service life in a humid environment. The racks can also be made of stainless steel.

UHL-MASH racks have a prefabricated structure that facilitates transportation. The shelves of the racks have a wide range of dimensions and can be adjusted in height. Additionally, the racks can be equipped with accessories. These are different types of limiters, walls, and dividers. Racks can be equipped with metal or plastic “G” or “T” — shaped supports. An adjustable support can be attached to the metal support, which significantly affects the stability of the rack in conditions of a non-horizontal floor.

Shelving is very versatile. They greatly simplify storage and reduce the space used. They can be used not only in an office or warehouse, but also perfectly fit in a garage or house.