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Storage rooms for trade and production

Storage rooms for trade and production

Cellular cabinets (lockers) are designed for storing clothes and personal property (bags, inventory, tools). They have a modular design that allows you to build storage areas and changing rooms of the desired length, height 1800 mm, with the required number of sections. Each door of the storage room is equipped with a lock that opens with a rotary or electronic key.

Where are metal lockers used?

In Kiev, storage rooms are found everywhere. Their use in retail establishments ensures the comfort of visitors, freeing their hands and guaranteeing safe storage of things. The users of the storage rooms in Kiev are institutions and enterprises whose visitors should be provided with temporary storage of personal belongings:

  • shops, supermarkets, shopping centres;
  • swimming pools, saunas, SPA centres;
  • kindergartens, schools, universities;
  • sports and wellness complexes;
  • beauty salons, hairdressers;
  • administrative institutions.

Lockers are no less in demand among organizations that need to organize places for a separate arrangement of employees' belongings (locker rooms). Metal cells for storing clothes and shoes are installed on:

  • medical institutions;
  • enterprises;
  • in offices.

Storage of things in Kiev is also required by institutions whose work is related to documentation and office. Furniture is used:

  • in warehouses;
  • in the archives;
  • funds.

Each institution has its own tasks. A spacious storage room in Odessa is useful for organizing train stations, hotels, boarding houses. Whereas in Lviv, the luggage storage is used by tourists for personal belongings — during excursions around the city.


Features of storage rooms for enterprises in Kiev and Ukraine

Metal storage rooms are suitable for use in almost any room. The versatility of furniture is due to its numerous advantages.

Robust construction. One- and two-section storage boxes UHL-MASH are made of lightweight sheets of durable metal, without irregularities and sharp joints. The design of cellular cabinets is collapsible, fastening — on screws. The material forms a reliable, rigid frame, resistant to deformation.

Compactness, stability. The small depth of the products allows you to save space in narrow and long rooms. Thanks to pre-treatment and staining, metal boxes do not rust. The robust wall-mounted construction maintains stability even at maximum load.

Capacity. If you plan to equip automatic storage rooms in Kiev, the products of UHL-MASH will help. The equipment has a high capacity of cells: personal belongings, bags, hand luggage can be left in the boxes.

Environmental friendliness. Unlike chipboard cabinets, resins and other organic compounds that can pollute the environment are not used in the production of metal furniture — it is safe to keep lunches or purchases from grocery supermarkets in the boxes.

Simple care. The coating of cabinets allows disinfection with special solutions. As a result of cleaning, it retains integrity and aesthetics.

Technical aspects of furniture

  • The height of the models is 1800 mm, the weight is 41.5 and 50 kg. The number of sections in the lockers is 1 or 2, the width is 300 and 400 mm. The thickness of the metal used for production is 0.8-1.0 mm.
  • The main paint colour of the boxes is light grey (7075). Painting options in any colour of the RAL palette are possible in coordination with the manager.
  • Metal sell cabinets are operated indoors at an air temperature of 0…+40 °C and relative humidity up to 80%.
  • Available models of UHL-MASH lockers — from 2 to 22 cells.

Metal cabinets with storage cells can be closed with a flag locking system, a combination or contactless lock. Due to the presence of special fasteners, the sections are combined into one system. And to simplify cleaning under the case, cabinets for stores can be equipped with legs. The UHL-MASH catalogue presents storage chambers with a solid metal door. If an institution wishes to control things left by visitors in the dressing rooms, it is possible to order storage rooms with transparent acrylic doors to organize a storage room in Lviv and in other cities of the country.

Metal mesh cabinets are manufactured in accordance with state quality and safety standards. The company's engineers create furniture, the use of which makes it possible to rationally zone rooms of any configuration.