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What is the difference between a rack and a server cabinet

Is the server rack capable of replacing the cabinet?

Server hardware provides structuring of information resources. To do this, it is important to correctly place network devices. Server cabinets and racks are used for this purpose. Their main difference is in the design. The racks are an open metal frame with 19-inch guides. Server cabinets are closed boxes that store optical devices. Let's take a closer look at whether the rack can replace the server cabinet.

Differences in network equipment

The activity of server systems is related to their location. If businesses have a separate, isolated room at their disposal, you can use the counters. They have a metal frame on which the devices are placed. The product can withstand a load of up to 500 kg. Like server cabinets, the racks are compatible with almost all network devices. The steel structure has universal dimensions, which are equal to 1 unit (44.45 mm). The racks have standard 19-inch guides. The equipment is available in two models 27U and 42U.


The advantages of racks include:

  • organized cable accommodation;
  • providing regular passive ventilation;
  • free access to appliances and easy maintenance;
  • budget savings (no need to buy a ventilation module).

For convenient operation, the racks are equipped with rubberized wheels. The structure is easy to move without the risk of tipping over the optics. If transportation is not required, the racks are mounted on adjustable thrust bearings. Thanks to practical fasteners, the devices are firmly fixed. The frame is characterized by a reliable assembly, so the server equipment is resistant to loosening. Racks manufactured by UHL-MASH are a worthy alternative to the standard rack cabinet. They provide a practical place to place network, telecommunications, switching and other systems.