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Rack cabinets for telecommunication equipment

The last few decades are characterized by the rapid development of information technology. Accordingly, evolve and transform and IT-containing shell. These include telecommunication rack cabinets, which serve as part of the infrastructure, as well as an indicator of attitudes to new technologies in the company. Telecommunication cabinets are designed for practical and comfortable storage of server and telecommunication equipment. Modern cabinets are used for hubs, switches, servers and telephone exchanges, power supply systems, etc. The correct choice depends on the correct installation of equipment and effective organization wiring closets and computer networks. Telecommunication cabinets are manufactured in different ways, with different heights and depths. Also have spread models with a steel or glass door. A closer look at the kinds of telecom cabinets. By appointment allocate server, installation, computer, server cabinets and universal. Specially for installing the server hardware our constructors designed server cabinets. They are characterized by great depth (up to 1 m and more) and high load capacity and durability. The most popular is the standard 19-inch rack. Racks must necessarily have the means of ventilation and thermal stabilization. Telecommunication construction characterized shallow (0.3 - 0.5 m), but have developed means of input and organizing a large amount of cable. Typically, these cases do not have the front door, but are equipped with non-removable rear and side walls. This is due to the need for rapid access to the switching devices.

Cabinets, as well as server, are not always hidden in special equipment room. Therefore, the cabinets are part of the interior office, in this regard, we must not lose sight of the appearance of the cabinet. Most manufacturers are paying attention to the design and functionality of the cabinets. Computer cabinet has separate sections for the system unit, keyboard, and monitor. Cabinet has depth of about 0.8 m. An important condition is the presence of a heat sink and ventilation. Universal cabinets are a compromise. It also includes an open rack. Cabinets of this type have special elements that allow for installation of crossover, computer and server equipment. By type of enclosures are divided into open racks, floor cabinets, wall cabinets, wall and floor cabinets, wall brackets. Open floor stands - universal and simple cost-effective solution. This mounting hardware is used for the need to protect the network, telecommunications or computer equipment from external factors and quick access to communications.

Floor cabinets are used for installation of server and network switching nodes. Base cabinet conceals a variety of cables and cords, and protects them from damage and prevents unnecessary contact with liquids and other substances. To create smaller units used wall cabinets with small capacity. These cabinets allow you to place network equipment to ensure that the company's local network.