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Server racks and their types

Server or telecommunication cabinets are used for loading, storage and server protection, telecommunications, networking equipment and storage media from the external negative factors.

Servers and server equipment are usually very expensive and carry valuable information, so to ensure the safety and durability of the contents of the enclosure must meet the following requirements:

  • Mandatory grounding all design elements and combine into a single circuit;
  • The design of the enclosure should be provided for active and passive ventilation to provide cooling equipment;
  • The distance between the mounting studs 19 "(482.6 mm) for a standard installation type« Rackmount »;
  • The distance between the mounting holes on the rack of 1U - 1,75 "(44.45mm)
  • Adjustable feet for accurate billing horizontality cabinet (very important for magnetic media);
  • Enclosure design should provide easy access to content from all sides;
  • High-quality frame, capable of withstanding heavy loads;

Our Company "UHL-MASH" for many years engaged in the manufacture and sale of high-quality server hardware. Our design bureau has developed many kinds of modifications and server enclosures that allows you to choose a model from almost any conditions of use. During our way to install server cabinets are divided into two types: wall and floor. Wall-mounted telecommunication cabinets are ideal to accommodate a variety of network equipment as hubs, routers and switches. Small (in 7-15U) cabinets, which are rigidly fixed to the wall with anchor bolts. To facilitate installation of the cabinet, at first light on a wall mounted fixing plate. Then she hung closet. Outdoor enclosures are most useful height (18-45U) and are intended for installation of larger equipment, such as servers, power modules, computer and telecommunications equipment.

Brief technical characteristics and features of our server cabinets:

    • Depending on the type and size of equipment place able our cases may be different depths - 600, 800 and 1000 mm;
    • Useful height of wall enclosures of 7 and 15 units of floor 18, 32, and 45U;
    • The side and rear walls are removable head is formed as a door;
    • To ensure an optimal ventilation and cooling the upper and lower walls have a special perforation;
    • The enclosure provides seats for air cooling equipment;
    • Cabinets are equipped with two cables - input, for accurate and correct routing of wires and cables;
    • The front doors are closed by means of a reliable crossbar locking system or a lever lock;
    • Doors can be metal, perforated or as tempered glass in steel frame;
    • The body is covered with 19 server cabinet quality powder paint, light gray (RAL-7035). Paint is also possible in any other color.

If you have any questions - we are happy to give you quality advice and comprehensive answers to the questions. Please call: +380 (044) 521-01-01, 380 (044) 521-01-00 or use the feedback form call.