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Shelf trolley

Mobile shelf trolleys are designed for a mobile workstation, and transportation of various goods. Hand shelving is called trolleys with shelves or tiered trolleys, reflecting their design features and functionality. The design shelf trolley consists of high-iron pipe frame and shelf-gage platform. The most popular are trolleys with two- and three- shelves. Shelves in trolleys often metallic powder coated. Functionally similar means of transportation designed to move many different small items. It can be as tools or spare parts, and utensils, linens, household chemicals, fragile glass bottles. Shelf trolleys are ideal for transporting and distributing items along narrow aisles and busy working environments.

Shelf trolley - is not only convenient means of transporting goods within a limited area. Use it to create a mobile workstation. It is, by necessity, it replaces the tool rack, but more compact and easily movable. In most models of shelf trolleys turning two wheels, one or both of the brake, making them very maneuverable. In addition, there is a special kind of shelf carts narrow aisle. Due to the narrow shelves, they can maneuver practically everywhere. Shelves some tiered trolleys equipped sides, thereby transported items do not fall out, even during transport on uneven or sloping surface. While we often recommend these trolleys operate at even, firm ground. Hand tools equipped with wheels with a diameter of 100 mm - two sunk, turning two, one of which with brake, making it easy to move the trolley in either direction. Shelf trolleys are widely used in industry, workshops and garages.