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Additional equipment

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Plinth for clothing metal wardrobe
Length (mm)
Legs for a clothing metal wardrobe
Legs for a clothing metal wardrobe
Height (mm) 150
Weight, kg 0.9
Gross weight, kg 0.9
Manufacturer UHL-MASH
Set of shelf for wardrobe
Length (mm)
Towel holder
Reviews: 7
Manufacturer UHL-MASH

Additional Configuration Elements to Increase the Functionality of a Cabinet in a Cost-Effective Way

Metal wardrobes are intended for the storage of outer clothing. They can be equipped with additional configuration elements to set up storage more efficiently. Metal wardrobes are used at shopping malls, sports facilities, and industrial plants. Visitors take often bring along items that need to be left during shopping or class time. By choosing metal wardrobes you make sure that your customers’ belongings will be safe. Our metal wardrobes feature flexible configuration opportunities, which allow you to comply with your assigned tasks. UHL-MASH offers a wide range of additional configuration elements for metal wardrobes.

Advantages of Using Additional Configuration Elements

Metal wardrobes manufactured by UHL-MASH are rather capacious. They can accommodate clothes, personal belongings, footwear and various accessories. The contents of the wardrobe must be protected against theft. That is why we equip our metal wardrobes with locks. In addition, our wardrobes feature thick walls, which are highly resistant to mechanical damage. Furthermore, they are extremely versatile due to their functionality expansion potential. To top it off, you can hardly find metal wardrobes that would be as user-friendly and safe as ours. By applying additional configuration elements for your wardrobes, you save your company’s budget, as there is no need to buy extra furniture items.

Additional Configuration Elements:

  • Wardrobe benches are very convenient for changing your footwear after exercising. They are installed at the bottom of the wardrobe. They can be stationary, folding, or sliding. Our benches are easy to hide either into or under the wardrobe. Wooden surfaces of benches are covered with a protective varnish layer.
  • A pedestal protects the wardrobe from flooding. It also protects the feet of visitors from being hit by accidentally opening doors.
  • An angled top simplifies cleaning a wardrobe as it collects less dust and moisture. This type of top is the mandatory sanitation and hygiene standard for food companies.
  • An electronic lock increases the safekeeping of the stored items. It is activated by entering a digital code. Usage of electronic locks excluded access by unauthorized persons and thus promotes your company’s image and reliability.
  • An additional shelf is mounted if there is not enough storage space inside the wardrobe. It is indispensable for the storage of bags or clothes.
  • A perforated shelf allows for air circulation inside the wardrobe and helps to remove excess moisture. The shelf does not accumulate water from the footwear and helps it dry faster.
  • Legs prevent water from entering the wardrobe and make it easier to clean the floor without having to move the wardrobe.

Additional configuration elements must be reliable. Most of these elements are made of metal and are covered with a high-quality powder coating. In case of need, all of the above products may undergo anti-corrosion treatment. This is vital for the additional elements used in wardrobes placed in changing rooms and utility spaces. If not abused, your wardrobe will retain its original appearance for many years. Keep in mind that the usage of additional elements increases the usability of your wardrobe. Please check out our website catalogue and choose the additional configuration elements from the wide range that we offer.