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Distribution panel SCP-3U/19"
Distribution panel SCP-3U/19"
10,60 EUR
Set of shelves console SC
0,22 EUR
Set of shelf of stationary SС
Sliding shelf set SC

Advantages of Additional Equipment for Server Cabinets and Racks

The activities of many companies are based on the work of server systems. They are necessary for the exchange of information and the creation of an internal network. This is expensive equipment that requires optimal storage conditions. Server cabinets and racks are used to accommodate information systems. They organize a safe operation, and a well-thought-out design simplifies maintenance. UHL-MASH offers to buy additional equipment for server equipment.

Why do You Need a Complete Set of Server Hardware?

Telecommunications systems must be placed in accordance with technical standards. For the server room, a separate room is allocated, which adheres to a special climate regime. Server cabinets and racks are manufactured in the 19-inch standard. The structure has a rigid frame with open or closed walls, on which server blocks are placed. They are small, which saves space. If the company increases the server capacity, it is enough to purchase server equipment.

We Offer a Choice of Additional Equipment:

  • Ventilation module. Frequent overheating harms the server, so a ventilation system is installed. The module is built into a cabinet or server rack and includes up to four fans.
  • Patch panel. Required for an uninterrupted Internet connection. It is in demand in server databases where many devices are connected to the network. Provides structuring of the wiring, protects from tangling and damage.
  • Shelf for a cabinet or server rack. It can withstand up to 100 kg of distributed weight. Steel does not bend under loads, and paint does not climb. The perforation provides additional ventilation.
  • A socket unit with 8 or 9 connections supplies power to a number of devices. It distributes the voltage and optimizes its use. The power control button is installed on the case, and the cable length reaches 1.8 meters.
  • The surge protector protects against power failures. Filters electricity from interference and equalizes voltage. Connects up to 9 devices, secured with ledges.
  • The electrical distribution panel supplies voltage to the desired area and quickly disconnects it if necessary. The structure includes a DIN rail, so you can connect up to 20 switches.
  • The organizer is used for many wires. This will not allow them to get tangled and bend over. You can choose a model with “windows” or a plastic cover.
  • The raised panel is attached to the main structure. Protects exposed elements from moisture, dust and scratches. Suitable for installation in a 19" cabinet.
  • Brush entry kit for fixing server cables. Protects them from dust accumulation and protects them from wear. The pile is made of plastic, so it does not harm the cables.
  • Fasteners are needed for fixing auxiliary equipment. They are used in the installation of server cabinets and racks.

Features of server cabinets in protection from unauthorized access. If the server room is under supervision, it is enough to get racks, because they provide effective ventilation of the system. The manager will help you choose an additional set of server equipment. Server cabinets and racks should be comfortable. It is important not to save on server equipment because this affects the safety of data. It is necessary to place the devices evenly, taking into account their specific work. Without an additional set of shelves, this is not feasible, so we offer a manager's consultation. We offer an additional set of server cabinets and racks on the manufacturer's website.