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Archival mobile shelving

Why do we need archive mobile shelving?

The work of archival and storage facilities is closely related to the storage of documents. They contain important data, so they must be stored under strictly specified conditions. This is necessary to protect information so that documentation is not stolen or lost. In case of violation of such conditions, the papers wear out, so we recommend buying archive mobile shelving produced by UHL-MASH. The equipment is designed for organized storage of securities in project, Bank and library premises. The design with sliding sections accommodates many documents. In the online store, you can buy archival mobile shelving from the manufacturer. We offer a catalogue of reliable furniture at the best price.

How to find a place to install folding mobile shelving systems

Most companies are not engaged in equipping archives, which violates the standards for storing documentation. The use of boxes and wooden furniture leads to confusion and makes it difficult to find information. Dust accumulates quickly in the storage room, there is no control over humidity and air temperature. This negatively affects the status of reports, certificates and contracts, so you should buy archival mobile shelving for the archive online. They are necessary for proper storage, grouping and sorting of papers. Metal shelving for libraries to accommodate the load on the wide shelves that save space. Often the rooms are limited in size, so most of the furniture does not fit in the storage rooms. UHL-MASH mobile mobile shelving are equipped with rails, which expands the useful area of the warehouse.

How to choose iron compact shelving for books:

  • the dimensions of the furniture must not exceed the area of the warehouse;
  • rigid metal construction without deformations;
  • easy storage lots of light paper and boxes;
  • the capacity of archival shelving;
  • foldable design to save space;
  • moisture resistance.

Archived documents should remain accessible, so choose roomy equipment. Collapsible shelves do not take up much space, so they can be installed even in a small room. The collapsible structure is laid out on metal rails, increasing the storage size several times. When you choosing an archival mobile shelving in the store, you should pay attention to the capacity of the constructions. Thanks to this, the office saves on the design of several archives. Protection is equally important because damaged reports and contracts can cause losses to the company. Non-standard bookshelves exclude unwanted access because when closed, they are a stationary metal wall. Despite the advantages, the price of archive compact shelving is presented in an affordable range.

Functions and advantages of sliding mobile shelving

The production of racks takes into account the peculiarities of operation, so it uses an automated folding design. It includes shelf storage systems, a strong profile and metal walls. The entire product is installed on steel rails, so it is for sale archival mobile shelving systems with a reliable construction. In this form, the equipment opens access to shelves where boxes and stacks of papers are stored. Despite the size of the structure, it is convenient for use by one person. For this purpose, the side part of inexpensive archive racks is equipped with a handle. The height of the equipment is optimal for use by a person of any height. Additionally, you can order doors with a lock, drawers and shelves, as well as a row locking system.

The basis of modular sliding racks is metal. It gives the products' strength, so they can withstand increased loads. This is a good choice for an office with a high document flow. Additional stability of the universal design is provided by polymer-powder paint. It does not vaporize harmful substances, and pretreatment increases corrosion resistance. Thanks to this, the compact shelving is safely placed in an office with high humidity. When you purchase a cheap archival mobile shelving the customer receives the product in a light grey colour that will complement the interior. Order mobile shelving systems in the UHL-MASH range. The design of a modular system begins with the refinement of details. First, the needs are specified, after which a plan for the placement of the room is drawn up. UHL-MASH specialists guarantee the reliability of manufacturing and installation of equipment. Find out more on the website, and also contact a representative of the company. The purchase of sliding shelves will facilitate the storage of office documents.