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Wardrobe SOM-300/1

Code: 50505-0090
Wardrobe SOM-300/1
Wardrobe SOM-300/1
Wardrobe SOM-300/1
Wardrobe SOM-300/1
Wardrobe SOM-300/1
Wardrobe SOM-300/1
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Features Wardrobe SOM-300/1
Model SOM-300/1
Width (mm) 300
Depth (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1800
Section width (mm) 300
Number of cells (pcs.) 1
Number of sections (pcs.) 1
Weight, kg 19.85
Type of packaging Cardboard box
Dimensions of packing, mm 1800 х 500 х 100
Manufacturer UHL-MASH
Type of coating Powder coating
Product color

Full Description

The locker rooms of most of the businesses are in close proximity with showers. In such conditions is dominated by high humidity and changes in temperature. Products made of cheap materials wear out under the influence of moisture. You can solve this problem by buying metal clothing cabinets. The structures are resistant to corrosion due to the phosphatizing of steel, which is painted with powder paint. Consider the features of the SOM-300/1 cabinets.

Lock options for clothing cabinets


Built-in lock


Rotary handle for padlock


Contactless lock


Mechanical combination lock


Twist handle


Electronic lock

Features of metal cabinets

Swimming pools and sports complexes have a large number of visitors. For the convenience of customers, changing rooms are usually equipped with convenient cabinets. The designs allow you to safely store a change of clothing. Clothing cabinets are equipped with European locks Euro-locks (Germany)/Emka (France) with a flag type of locking. The presence of an individual lock ensures the safety of clothing and other items of visitors. The Cabinet door is equipped with a perforation for ventilation. This prevents the accumulation of moisture and unpleasant odors. The height of the structure is designed for comfortable use of the Cabinet by people of different heights. Cabinets for clothes in the assembled form are fastened with rivets, and in the disassembled form - they are delivered in a package and assembled on hooks.

Advantages of metal cabinets:

  • seams and corners are securely cleaned and do not have jagged or sharp edges;
  • the small depth of the cabinet will save space for narrow and long rooms;
  • the doors do not loosen during regular use due to the connection loops;
  • phosphating and powder coating protects the metal from corrosion;
  • it can be locked with a combination, padlock or contactless lock.

Versions of a metal wardrobe with additional shelves and partitions

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5
Version 6 Version 7 Version 8 Version 9 Version 10
    perforated bottom
perforated bottom,
 top shelves
perforated bottom, 
upper and lower shelves

Additional equipment for cabinets:

  • legs;
  • plinth;
  • folding bench;
  • the sloping roof;
  • stationary bench;
  • extendable bench;
  • mat on the bottom shelf;
  • hooks on the side walls and doors.


With corner roof


On legs


On a plinth


Towel holder


Additional shelf

Advantages of buying a steel wardrobe:

  • an individual wardrobe is more convenient and reliable to use than an open wardrobe;
  • protection against unauthorized access by installing an additional chute of rigidity;
  • the ventilation system provides air circulation inside the closed cabinet;
  • additional equipment will help to build an optimal storage design; 
  • light gray paint color is suitable for interiors of different styles.


The door of the SOM-300/1 locker is reinforced with a stiffening chute. This increases the resistance to impact and mechanical stress. The robust construction is resistant to loosening. Light gray color of cabinets is universal and suitable for any interior. Structures are delivered assembled or disassembled. Inside the wardrobe there is a crossbar for hangers and a shelf. This allows you to place things compactly and hang outerwear. When placing an order, you can purchase additional equipment. The Manager will take into account your wishes and offer a metal Cabinet SOM-300/1 at the best price.

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Wardrobe SOM-300/1 Wardrobe SOM-300/1