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Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-10/20
Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-10/20
Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-10/20
Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-10/20 EL
Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-10/20 EL
Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-10/20 EL
Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-6/20
Fireproof safe cabinets SCH-6/20 EL

About Metal Fireproof File Cabinet

Fireproof cabinets are intended for storage of important documentations and its protection against larceny and fire. They are often used in companies related to the processing and storage of important documents. In order to avoid loss of information, documents, paper and other data carriers are usually stored in fireproof filing cabinet. We recommend buy fireproof cabinets represented on the UHL-MASH website. We offer a wide range of furniture at reasonable prices from the manufacturer.

Choosing Metal Fireproof Cabinets

Not all metal cabinets have heat resistance. Despite it is used steel for fireproof file boxes, that is resistant to burning, in same extent, it still conducts heat. In this case, cheap fireproof cabinets are intended. They reliably store money, small items and valuables, and can be used in number of companies. The use of fireproof storage is recommended by law and corporate rules. For example, keeping personal files is only allowed on thermally resistant file shelves. For example, personal files and labour book have to be stored only on fireproof file cabinets.

The manufacturer UHL-MASH offers fireproof filing cabinets for labour books. Our wide range of fireproof furniture allows you to select a fireproof file cabinet for requested premises. This is a chance to acquire a reliable storage facility in case of fire. Cabinets’ fire resistance is achieved through the use of double-layer steel wall filled with heat-insulating material – fine-pore concrete. That sandwich system increases the weight of the fireproof filing cabinet and help to maintain an acceptable inside temperature. The thicker the layer of heat-insulating material, the more heat the cabinet can withstand.

Advantages of Using Fireproof File Box:

•             capacious shelves for different types of documents, files and folders;

•             safe storage and protection of documents against fire;

•             secure locking to prevent unauthorized access;

•             latching with mechanical or electronic locks.

Fireproof furniture does not have holes for anchoring. As the holes reduce the tightness of the cabinet, we don’t recommend making ones yourself. If the cabinet would be bolted to the floor, the fireproof cabinet cannot be carried out unnoticed. Purchasing of fireproof cabinets online provides the necessary protection for your tangible asset. The doors’ fire resistance doesn’t differ from the protective characteristics of the whole fireproof file box. The doors are furnished with latch locks, to prevent unauthorized access. A heat-insulating lining is used to strengthen the door insulation. Outside and inside the cabinet surfaces are powder coated to line with interior corporate style and has a high temperature resistance.

Technical Features of Fireproof Cabinet

Models fireproof cabinets of class 30B, 60B, 90B and 120B are intended for storage money, documents, and office supplies. A fireproof cabinets with fire resistance 30D, 60D, 90D, 120D can be used as storage for photos, films and magnetic tape. For digital media, it is recommended to used cabinets with fire resistance from 30D to 120D. Price of fireproof furniture depends on the fire resistance index of it, but our website features fireproof furniture for any budget. Fire resistance index defines as how long the paper is not char when exposed to heat in the cabinet. Choosing the dimensions of a fireproof file box, you make sure that all your belongings are went into the cabinet. If the fireproof filing cabinet has to be evacuated in case of a fire, it is better to choose fireproof cabinets in store with a lower height and depth, since a larger one is difficult to transport.

In general, it is sufficient to purchase an office cabinet of medium fire resistance. Find more information about this line of furniture on the our website. UHL-MASH offers for sale fireproof cabinets in catalogue of office furniture. All our products have certificates of compliance and meet European quality standards. If you have any questions, please contact the manager to get detailed information on our product. We offer reliable fireproof file cabinets and provide fast delivery.