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Safe SM-17
Safe SM-17
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Safe SM-25
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Safe SM-30
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Safe SM-40
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Which is the best safe to choose for home use

Furniture safes are small metal structures for storing valuables. They are optimal for placing documents, money, and jewellery, so they are suitable for home or office. In many hotels, small furniture safes are installed as a universal storage place for visitors' belongings. The peculiarity of the products is compact dimensions, convenient for mounting the safe in accessories. We offer a selection of home protective cabinets in the range of UHL-MASH. We have affordable prices of furniture safes and consistently high quality.

What distinguishes furniture safes from cheap analogues

Every month, people become victims of robbers, so you should think about buying a metal safe. Today there are cheap and expensive models on the market, but you should not skimp on security. If you need to buy a furniture safe at home, choose UHL-MASH products. The advantage of the protective office is burglar resistance, which characterizes resistance to mechanical influences. Each safe has its protection class, so for furniture models it is H0-H1. This is a basic indicator that can withstand short hacking attempts. Such a safe is enough for money and storage of oversized property. To protect the structure from opening, the safe can be hidden inside the furniture.

How to choose furniture safes in Ukraine:

  • Protection is achieved by using high-quality steel. The design with hidden hinges complicates hacking, preventing the thief from opening the doors. Thick walls withstand a high load so that a thief will not penetrate the cabinet for a long time.
  • The shelf should optimally accommodate papers and valuables. More often they buy models with a volume of 45 litres, but there are other options in the assortment. The cells optimize the space, and the trailer expands the protected area.
  • The bolt system withstands prolonged hacking. The design uses a lock with a key or an electronic Diplomat with a code lock. If damaged, the crossbars block the doors, to prevent opening.

Furniture safes for papers are useful for frequent trips on business trips or vacations. They protect property from robbers by restricting unwanted access. Often, medicines or weapons are hidden inside from children. In extreme situations, such as a fire or flood, the contents will not get wet immediately due to the dense body. Even inexpensive furniture safes can be attached to the walls with anchors through special holes (according to the instructions). Lightweight allows you to place products inside cabinets, cabinets, and other furniture.

In our company, you can buy a furniture in sale at the manufacturer's price and with a quality guarantee. Wear-resistant and durable materials are used in the manufacture so that the safe serve for years without losing its original properties.

Installation tips from professionals

To use the safe for furniture was comfortable, use a few tips. Do not install the safe on the lower shelves, as you will have to constantly bend down to get the necessary valuables. Do not forget to fix the safe by attaching it to the back wall of the furniture — so it is much more difficult to pull out the storage. This will complicate the work of intruders who want to take it out of the house or open it on the spot.

Advantages of a furniture safe

Furniture safes are a worthy alternative to bulky safes. In addition to the optimal level of security from hacking, among their advantages should be highlighted:

  • lightweight and optimal dimensions — the safe weighs about 15-30 kilograms, so it can be placed in most furniture;
  • the ability to hide the safe from prying eyes — the safe can be “hidden” in various pieces of furniture. The furniture safe can be installed in wardrobes and bookcases, cabinets, dressers, tables, and other furniture elements;
  • no need for installation — installation of a furniture safe does not require special skills or tools;
  • a wide range of models — in the online store, you can pick up and buy a furniture safe in Kyiv, which will fully meet the intended purpose.

If you have purchased a fire-resistant safe, do not drill holes in the case. Such a procedure will violate the fire-resistant layer, as well as significantly reduce the fire resistance. To mount fire-resistant safes, it is necessary to use a special base provided by the manufacturer.

What is the demand for the production of furniture safes?

The welded structure has a reinforced door, since it is most often subjected to impacts. Thinner walls reduce the weight of the product but resist high loads. Special attention in the development of furniture safes in Kyiv is paid to doors, so they have a smooth running and do not make noise when closing. If there is a high risk of fire in the room, fire-resistant models are assembled on sale. They insulate the contents from thermal effects, keeping the temperature low in case of fire. It is not necessary to drill holes manually — this violates the tightness and removes the warranty conditions.

Metal surfaces are painted with polymer-powder paint. The coating enhances the resistance of the metal to corrosion under the influence of moisture, therefore preventing the formation of rust. The paint simplifies the care of the safe when dust accumulates and also protects against scratches. The UHL-MASH website presents a large selection of safes with descriptions and reviews. Find out from the manager of the online store how to choose furniture safe for specific conditions, we will offer the best option with fast delivery.