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Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2

Code: 53510-0004
Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
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Features Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
Model SMXS-400/2
Width (mm) 800
Depth (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1800
Gross weight, kg 60
Type of packaging Cardboard + stretch film
Dimensions of packing, mm 1800 х 800 х 500
Manufacturer UHL-MASH
Type of coating Galvanized
Product color

Full Description

Inventory and workwear of employees should be stored in special conditions due to the specifics of the company. For this purpose, the working rooms are equipped with inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2. Designs help to improve the storage conditions of things in specific conditions. Reliable furniture prevents the loss or theft of inventory. A special feature of the model is the use of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion. Commercial cabinets of the production of UHL-MASH that combines build quality with favorable prices.

The advantages of stainless steel household cabinets

Wardrobe for inventory SMXS-400/2 made of quality stainless steel. Anti-corrosion properties allow you to install the structure in rooms with high humidity. The housing is resistant to moderate mechanical loads. Cabinet surfaces can withstand contact with most chemicals, which is useful when storing detergents. Ventilation holes on the doors reduce the accumulation of odors and moisture inside the inventory cabinet. Thanks to the perforation of the doors, the metal box is effectively ventilated. The construction material meets sanitary and hygienic standards, and the surfaces can be disinfected with household chemicals.

Advantages of buying a steel wardrobe:

  • seams and corners are securely cleaned and do not have jagged or sharp edges;
  • the small depth of the wardrobe will save space for narrow and long rooms;
  • the doors do not loosen during regular use due to the connection loops;
  • phosphating and powder coating protects the metal from corrosion;
  • it can be locked with a combination, padlock or contactless lock.

The wardrobe construction consists of two sections with separate locks Euro-locks (Germany)/Emka (France). The doors are resistant to premature loosening, and the absence of external hinges prevents breaking sections. The utility Cabinet can be used by several employees at the same time. The dimensions of the product allow you to economically dispose of free space. Shelves help you place your work inventory compactly. The inventory cabinet is shipped assembled, and its reliability is confirmed by a guarantee. Delivery is carried out in all regions. Order a Cabinet made of stainless steel SMXS-400/2 at the manufacturer's price.

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Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2 Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2