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Key box К-30 (30 keys)
Key box К-60 (60 keys)
Key box К-102 (102 keys)
Key box К-176 (176 keys)
Fire key box КР-1
Fire key box КР-1
Fire cabinet SP-1

How much does a wall-mounted key boxes cost for home and corporate use?

Each person will have keys that need to be stored somewhere. Most people do not have a special place for keys, or use a wall hook. So that they are not lost and are in plain sight, we recommend buying wall key boxes. This compact key storage equipment favorably emphasizes the interior of the house. They are also in demand in companies that close offices at the end of the working day. Choose key boxes from a manufacturer because only reliable products are on sale in the UHL-MASH.

Should there be an original key box in every house?

Wall key boxes are not only a metal box, but also a good gift. A modern wall drawer has a neat appearance, and design options make it easier to choose an inexpensive wall key box to your taste. This simple decoration element simplifies daily tasks because you don't have to think where the keys have gone. They will always be in a prominent place, which is inaccessible to outsiders. A wall-mounted fire-resistant housekeeper for 60 keys or more is not only part of the hallway design, but also an effective tool of the enterprise. Since the spacious locker is equipped with numbered key rings, so the team will not get confused with the choice of a master key.

A wall-mounted key boxes in Kyiv are suitable for a watch in an enterprise, since it is locked with a key. Strong walls can withstand moderate loads and accidental impacts to prevent theft of keys. There are many hangers inside to allocate space for keys to all offices. The durable metal case resists unauthorized attempts to open. If you need decorative wall key boxes for the house, the products are distinguished by a universal design that complements the style of the room. Some models are decorated with thematic prints that will decorate the hall.

How to choose a stylish metal key box?

Buying wall key boxes in Ukraine, it is difficult to guess its conciseness in the interior of the room, so the site presents products in a universal design. When choosing a wall drawer, inspect the quality of execution, the strength of the walls and locking elements. The doors of the iron locker should not creak or make sounds because this violates the comfort of using decorative key boxes. For home use, basic models with a few hangers are enough, but large companies should choose roomy models. UHL-MASH products are always presented in the exhibition hall so that the visitor can inspect the key box for 176 keys before buying.

The following nuances are important:

  • it is important to consider the size of the keys, because they may differ in shape and size;
  • pay attention to the strength so that the product does not break down over time of use;
  • the key box should be compact, but accommodate the required number of keys;
  • it is necessary to decide on the choice of a lock for the box (code or key).

The design of the key locker should not make it difficult to operate because a person should not make efforts to open or close the doors. If the owner wants to secure the keys from public access, the fire-resistant key box must be equipped with a lock that the owner or family members can open. The locking system must be as strong as the iron locker itself. These points must be considered so that the key box for 102 keys will last a long time and be harmonizing with the interior. Thanks to modern production, the price of wall key boxes is more profitable than analogues, and the quality is not inferior to imported samples.

UHL-MASH offers an assortment of metal models. Different dimensions, configuration, and colour are available on the website. Thanks to a key box on the wall, it is easy to store keys in one place without worrying about their safety. Only recently, people have seriously thought about buying housekeepers for the office, so the online store guarantees the best prices. The catalogue will help you decide on the choice because each model has a description and a photo. Ask the manager about the options for completing housekeepers for 30 keys or more so that the product meets the needs of the company.