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Metal Shelving

Organization of effective storage with metal shelving racks

Metal shelving is a shelf storage system for warehouse and retail companies. They are used in archival, office, retail and warehouse premises. Products are indispensable when placing different types of cargo and folders with documents. They can be used in companies of most types of activity because they have a well-thought-out Assembly. This design makes economical use of space, as well as accommodates different types of inventory. We offer to buy metal shelving racks from the company UHL-MASH. The manufacturer's website contains a catalogue of models of different characteristics, which will satisfy any requests and budget.

How to choose a metal shelving rack for a warehouse or office

Shelving structures are designed for installation inside rooms and storerooms. Most often used in warehouses, but also in demand in domestic cabins. They consist of a metal profile, to the surface of which shelves are fixed. The equipment is necessary for warehouses with a large turnover of goods, where organized storage of products is required. Often these rules are ignored, which leads to the unsuitability of the product. This is especially true for food warehouses, where there are increased requirements for the placement of products. To solve these problems, metal racks shelves are available for sale at the manufacturer's cost. They create conditions for efficient storage and easy access to cargo. Thanks to them, the employee saves time searching for goods, because shelving systems provide a complete overview of the contents of the metal shelves.

Features of the choice of warehouse metal shelving racks:

  • dimensions are selected taking into account the area of the room. If there is enough space in stock, order roomy racks, and if it is not enough – compact;
  • appearance is important when installing on the sales floor. The products have simple shapes and a design without walls, which complements the interior;
  • check the quality of the fasteners – the supports should not wobble or bend. This is found in budget types and can lead to rollover;
  • calculate the number of metal shelves based on the volume of products. They should not be too much, because it affects the height and weight of the structure.

The main parameter of the equipment is load capacity. It determines the ability of the structure to withstand a given weight. In the range of production UHL-MASH models with a load capacity in the range of 50-800 kg, so it is easy to choose a piece of universal equipment for the required load. Additional resistance is given by the corners, which are fixed in the places where the shelves are fastened. The company manager will tell you more about the complete set of cheap metal shelves racks. It will help you choose a rack for the tool. The specialist will select the model for the desired cost and tasks. In the manufacture of racks are subject to mandatory testing, so only reliable products are on sale.

Advantages of using metal shelving racks

Manufacturer UHL-MASH offers metal furniture for garages and warehouses. Unlike cheap analogues, steel surfaces are not harmed by moderate mechanical or thermal effects. Most collapsible models are made in the form of a constructor to easily assemble on site. Even at the low price of metal shelf racks in store, the customer receives a reliable product. In the manufacturing process, the surfaces are painted with polymer-powder paint. Pretreatment gives the structure resistance to corrosion, eliminating premature wear. The paint makes the metal resistant to moisture and temperature surges. There are no harmful components in the composition, so the rack can be placed in a closed hall.

The manufacturer's catalogue of metal shelving racks includes:

  • Shelf racks MS withstand the long-term operation. They can hold up to 50 kilograms of distributed weight, which is suitable for most warehouses and supermarkets.
  • Prefabricated archive models expand the capacity of the premises.
  • The galvanized OS ruler has a shelf thickness of 38 mm. The advantage of the equipment is in the coating of the metal shelves, which gives resistance to corrosion under adverse factors.
  • Stainless-steel racks are in demand in the food industry. They are used in sterile conditions due to the resistance of surfaces to rust.
  • Shelf systems of PS are developed according to the individual project. The number of shelves, racks and other elements is specified in advance, depending on the tasks set.
  • Modular ST equipment is connected using jumpers. The shelves are adjustable thanks to the perforation of the racks, so there is a place even for non-standard cargo.
  • They are a multi-tiered structure on rails. Assembly of the metal shelving rack eliminates loosening.
  • Tire equipment is a structure for storing wheels. They protect against contact with the floor, as well as simplify the transportation of tires.
  • Hardware products store bolts, nuts and small items in plastic containers. The open front panel makes it easier to view content.
  • Medium-heavy load models can withstand up to 800 kg, which is important for overall cargo. Development is carried out by professionals in a short time.
  • SK models are assembled using hardware, they are equipped with a stiffener. The load capacity of the products is 120 kilograms.
  • Barrel racks increase storage safety. The barrels are placed on a metal frame, where it is easy to drain the liquid from them.
  • Palate models-the solution in a large warehouse. Designed for storing cargo on pallets.
  • The STS medium-load line can accommodate high-weight products.

In addition to the selection of metal shelf designs, the online store offers additional equipment. The complete set of inexpensive metal racks includes cuvettes for the hardware of several sizes; supports made of plastic or metal; dividers and limiters. If there is no need for additional equipment, it can be ordered at any time. Contact a representative of the company to order metal shelves racks online with delivery to your region. The manager will help you order the right model, focusing on the budget and the company's activities. The site offers an assortment of up-to-date photos, and the exhibition hall contains samples of products.