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Metal wardrobes

Metal Wardrobes and their Special Features

Metal wardrobes are intended for storage of outer clothing, a change of uniform as well as lunchboxes, school items, and supplies. The metal we use to manufacture our wardrobes combines usability and durability. UHL-MASH offers for sale metal wardrobes made in Ukraine. This site features our product lines for any budget.

Choosing Metal Wardrobes

Modern metal wardrobes are multi-functional. They can be used not only to hold your clothes – one can use them to store housekeeping equipment and documents. A metal clothes cabinet is a universal solution for educational institutions, retailers, factories, and warehouses. Taking into account the specifics of usage, our wardrobes meet strict quality standards, which guarantees their high performance. Visit our metal cabinet shop to choose inexpensive furniture. We will help to optimize the storage of your items.


Main Selection Criteria:

  • Capacity. It is important to determine the depth and select a sufficient number of shelves. The height of the wardrobe should be optimal for any person. Additional shelves make it easy to sort and store your equipment.
  • Use conditions. Please consider the ventilation if the wardrobe will hold food or damp clothing. Perforated walls allow for air circulation inside the wardrobe and help to remove excess moisture.
  • Safe materials. Only safe materials should be used for wardrobes intended for usage in places where people accumulate in large numbers or for storing food.

We feature metal closets from the Ukrainian manufacturer UHL-MASH. They are made from durable metal to meet our customers’ highest demands. This being said, we offer buy wardrobes at reasonable prices. The materials we use have increased wear resistance and with simple maintenance, our metal wardrobes will last for many years. The metal we use for our wardrobes is resistant to accidental impacts. Due to this, their surfaces will stay free from dents for a long time. This feature is essential in public places where furniture is subject to active use. The metal surface is smooth and thus it is easy to clean. The overall dimensions of our wardrobe allow for their placement even in small-sized premises.


Technical Features of Metal Wardrobes

The structure of a metal wardrobe closet has the form of a rigid metal box. Depending on the model the elements of wardrobes are fastened with hooks, screws, or rivets. The wardrobe front side is equipped with swinging doors on inner hinges, with laser-cut perforation elements. Find out more about the metal clothes cabinet online or contact the company's manager. The wardrobes are furnished with Euro-locks. In addition to mechanical locking, electronic locks can be used. The wardrobes have optimal wall thickness and modern hinges.

Types of Cabinets Offered by our Company’s Product Range:

  • Metal wardrobe closet. These wardrobes have the optimal size to blend seamlessly into your interior. As standard, it is of the universally-applicable light-grey colour. To provide for the convenience of storing your clothes, the wardrobe is equipped with shelves and pegs. Perforation of the bottom and top of the door is designed for natural air circulation.
  • Household Cabinets. These cabinets are meant for the storage of household inventory. They consist of two compartments: the first one is intended for cleaning tools, the second one is for washing detergents, disinfectants, and sponges.
  • Children's Wardrobes. These wardrobes are specifically designed for use at schools and kindergartens. They have no locks and are equipped with decorative knobs (shaped like action figures, etc.)  The wardrobe body is rounded to avoid child injuries.
  • Footwear Units. Footwear units are made of metal or stainless steel. They are equipped with drawers for storing shoes. Their small dimensions allow for considerable space-saving and thus they can be rather useful for footwear storage in confined spaces. Footwear units are fitted out with perforation to allow for natural ventilation.
  • Clothing Drying Cabinets. Cabinets of this type are equipped with a heating element that supplies heat for drying damp clothes. In the operational mode of this heating element is programmed on a control panel. Excess moisture will evaporate through the vent holes.

The functionality of our cheap metal clothes cabinet can be upgraded through additional configuration elements. You can order these on the website, and our manager will help you choose the cabinet fittings. Surfaces of our cabinets are powdered color dyed and thus are humidity resistant.  The paint contains no toxic substances and is safe for people. The surface colour will not fade over a long time. Additionally, anti-corrosion treatment is used to protect the surface of the cabinet (metal).


The UHL-MASH cabinets have earned positive reviews from customers and experts. Our products could be viewed on our website and in our company’s showroom. We use our vehicle park to deliver the orders to end customers quickly and efficiently. If you need any information and advice, please contact our managers and they will be happy to assist you. After ordering our metal closets you will have a solution to the problems of storing goods, inventory, and clothing.