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About Office Furniture: Purpose and Features

The company’s staff processes a large volume of documentation every day. Without due storage conditions, documents can be confused or lost, which leads to errors in the work of employees, therefore, documents should be stored in dedicated cabinets. Office furniture is intended for holding documentation, proprietary and business information, tangible properties, etc. this. UHL-MASH offers to buy office furniture: office wardrobes, tables, file and filling cabinets. All kind of our office furniture you can find on the website. Our metal office furniture is an inexpensive solution for arrangement a workplace and workflow within any company.

Purpose of Metal Office Furniture

Office furniture is primarily intended for storage the large volume of documents with a minimum amount of office premises. Many documents are storage in archival furniture, after and processing. After processing and exploring, many documents are forward to the archive for further storage, where archive cabinets can be also used. In spite of electronic document management, companies continue to work with paper data. There are sensitive to the environment, so cheap office furniture is used as capacious storage for documents, folders, archives, maps and diverse media. That cabinet is also used for stationery and office supplies. There are several of office furniture, which are important to consider when buying it.

Choosing Reliable Office Furniture:

  • Since furniture is actively used by staff, it should be reliable.
  • The furniture outward should correspond to company image and have a modern design.
  • Use of shelves allows placing more documents and using of cabinet space more efficient.
  • Safety of information is secured with the installation of locks. They are available with a rotary handle, key or electronic locks.

Office furniture is made of durable metal. It is subjected a special treatment, after which is powder coated for extra long life. UHL-MASH’s offer for sale office furniture with European quality standards. Our furniture features high mechanical damage resistance. Due to this, their surfaces will stay free from dents for a long time. Metal office cabinets can be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, which improves the resistance to moisture rust formation. Powder paint reduces the appearance of scratches. It does not produce dangerous vapors that can harm humans. Using safe materials allows to place our cabinets in places where people accumulate in large numbers.

The Price of a Metal Office Furniture

Standard sizes of office furniture are suitable for installation in any rooms and premises. Most of the products are assembly, and they can be easy and safety assembled. Welded furniture is great choice for companies with high security requirements. Welded furniture is more durable, but also more difficult to transport. The price of office furniture in the store depends on the size and configuration. Our product range includes models of different configurations. For specific tasks, custom-made furniture is available. Most our cabinets are suitable for storing Arch folders (Korona) and other popular paper sizes.

Specifications of Office Furniture:

  • Stationery cabinets are open and closed. They are intended for holding documentation, proprietary and business information, tangible properties, etc. Cabinets can be fireproof for protection documentation against fire.
  • The cabinets for accounting department are made of metal therefore their construction provide reliable protection against unauthorized access. The furniture should not be considered as an alternative to safe.
  • The document cabinets is equipped with roller doors. They are particularly well-suited for small offices and premises with narrow passages, where there is no capability to employ regular swing door cabinets.
  • The fireproof safe cabinets are intended for protection of documentation against fire. Cabinets are furnished with latch locks and the paid closure saves the contents.
  • Office wardrobe is intended for holding clothes and stationery. It combines the features of document cabinets, household cabinets and wardrobes.
  • Filing cabinets are needed for storage of personal files, labor books and in file documents. The furniture open and close smoothly with a reliable lock.
  • Filing cabinets for labor books are used in HR departments where strict security criteria are met. They are equipped with reliable and modern locks.
  • A mapper is a filing cabinet for storage of A1 and A0 format documents (topographic maps, drawings, image carriers, etc.). To store documents of a smaller format, a drawer can be fitted with separators. Our mappers have drawers with and are furnished with central mechanical locks. Each drawer is equipped with a presser bar.
  • Office desk are key element of any working place. The office desk creates a comfortable working environment.
  • Office cabinets are equipped with drawers. You can order online office furniture of stationary, suspended and mobile construction.
  • Office chairs and armchairs are furnished Eco leather, soft fabric, polyamide and durable plastic. Chairs can be equipped with air-lift or rotary rollers.

If you need any detail information and advice, please contact our managers and they will be happy to advise you. In our website, you can find detailed information, photos and actual descriptions for all our products. You can view our products in our company’s showroom.

Additional elements for office furniture are also available for ordering. We offer dividers, drawers, frames and boxes for office furniture. For details, please contact your managers. The UHL-MASH guarantees the high quality of office furniture and offers prompt delivery to the end-customers.