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Open frame server racks

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Server rack SM-27U/6
Server rack SM-27U/6
Server rack SM-27U/6
59,20 EUR
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
72,13 EUR
Server rack SM-42U/8
Server rack SM-42U/8
Server rack SM-42U/8
76,34 EUR

Open Server Equipment Racks

 Server Assembly Racks

19" SM server assembly rack constitutes a universal floor construction for the 19" standard network, optical, electrotechnical, telecommunication equipment and data storage units. When furnished with shelves, it provides for installation of various non-standard equipment.

Our server racks are furnished with height-adjustable supports to compensate for the floor surface imperfection. Availability of special openings in the rack’s base allows to fasten it firmly to the floor in case of need.

Our racks feature a collapsible structure. They are shipped to you knocked down in a compact packaging with a mounting hardware set and an installation specification.

Specifications and configuration:

  • Width – 540 mm.
  • Depth – 600, 800 mm.
  • Height – 42U, (h = 1950 mm).
  • Load capacity – up to 300 kg.
  • Two 19” frames.
  • Set of adjustable supports.
  • Coating – polymeric powder with prior surface phosphatation.
  • Racks are shipped to you knocked down.

Open Server Equipment Racks

Open server 19 inch racks are universal floor rack for mounting 19 inch server, optical, electrical, telecom and network equipment, storage devices, and using shelves - all non-standard server hardware.

Save space and reduce costs while expanding the data centre with high-density installations.

Supports server 19 help:

- Reduce the required number of racks as effective distribution of cool air to set;

- IT equipment rather large total capacity and maintain the required temperature conditions in each rack;

- To avoid having to buy an even number of racks that can remain idle, to fill the ranks in cold corridors;

- Avoid the cost of purchasing additional consumption due to air conditioning only the amount of air that is required for IT equipment;

- Eliminate the need for water or refrigerant to cool the inside of the rack.

Open server equipment racks - a simplified modification of server cabinets designed for technological, compact and easy to use secure server, electromechanical and telecommunications equipment. It can be routers, servers, stations, modems, etc. Server racks are metal structure without doors and panels, with a standard server hardware for the distance between the uprights 19 inches. Due to the lack of walls and doors greatly increases heat transfer and ventilation equipment, easier access to certain elements of the systems, which greatly facilitates installation works. Server racks are usually placed in designated areas with limited access and special ventilation.

Our UHL-MASH company produces server racks in compliance with all standards and requirements. Use cold-rolled steel sheet, which is covered with powder paint light grey. Advanced U-shaped profile allows racks efficiently and accurately conduct wiring cables. A requirement for installation of the server rack is as strictly horizontality. Therefore, our racks are equipped with adjustable legs that compensate for irregularities. Another important condition is the presence of grounding. Each element has its own rack server conclusion by grounding with convenient connections into a single circuit. Server racks of UHL-MASH with folding modular design and come in original packaging with compact mounting kit and instructions for assembly and installation. At the core pillars are the holes to secure the rack to the floor. The distinctive advantage of our server racks are simplicity and reliability of the design of both low cost.

As a result, the company stands UHL-MASH help optimize cooling capacity in the computer room for effective enterprise through rational desired amount of cold air directly to the IT equipment and increase the efficiency of air conditioning systems of computer facilities.

Open server racks can be installed on tower height adjustable to compensate for irregularities of the floor. The presence of a server rack on special holes allows fastening tightly to the floor. The design stands - collapsible. Comes unassembled with mounting kit, in a compact package and assembly instructions.