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Open frame server racks

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Server rack SM-27U/6
Server rack SM-27U/6
Server rack SM-27U/6
77,27 EUR
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
94,09 EUR
Server rack SM-42U/8
Server rack SM-42U/8
Server rack SM-42U/8
99,55 EUR

Features and potential of server racks

The conditions for placing network equipment directly affect the activity of server systems. Server racks are a mandatory attribute of telecommunications companies. They are often placed in rooms with limited access and a separate microclimate. Due to the universal guides of 19 inches, the floor structures are compatible with most types of network devices. We offer the sale of wall mounted server cabinet on the website of the manufacturer UHL-MASH.

Main parameters and production technology

Since switching networks can take up multiple rooms, small vertical structures make economical use of space. Open frame server racks are necessary for the placement of optical devices. They are compact groups of devices and facilitate maintenance. To determine the dimensions, use the unit "unit" (1U is equal to 44.45 mm). The main difference between the racks is open walls. Due to this, the passive cooling of data center server rack is implemented. The best way to save money is to buy server racks in the store. Because network devices heat up during operation, the free flow of air reduces the temperature. This extends the service life and protects the expensive system from breakdowns. The steel structure can withstand a load of up to 500 kg and is also resistant to deformation.

Characteristics of the Floor Standing Server Racks:

  • do not loosen due to high-quality assembly, a rigid position is maintained;
  • no need for ventilation modules, enough cooling of the server room;
  • rack racks are disassembled and assembled during transportation;
  • presented by the 27U and 42U models, they differ incapacity;
  • supports adjust the position on the floor (25 mm pitch);
  • wheels are provided for transportation.

Contact UHL-MASH is to purchase a data center server rack online. When choosing, pay attention to the dimensions and depth. The products are equipped with shelves and openings for ventilation. They can be cantilevered, adjustable and extendable. Metal protrusions fix the cable, so it does not tangle or bend. To remove static voltage, a ground connection is provided. Since the rack provides access to network devices, monitoring and repair of the system are simplified. Additionally, you can buy a wall mounted server cabinet and socket modules for the server on the website.

The surfaces of the installation equipment are treated with anti-corrosion, after which they are painted with polymer-powder paint. This protects against the negative effects of moisture and temperature changes. The surfaces do not oxidize in contact with water and are easy to clean with household products. Light grey colour looks harmonious in the room, emphasizing the style of the company. The manager will help you order cheap equipment rack and additional equipment. The UHL-MASH range includes models with detailed descriptions and photos.