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Server rack SM-42U/6

Code: 55000-0124
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
Server rack SM-42U/6
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High quality
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Features Server rack SM-42U/6
Model SM-42U/6
Width (mm) 540
Depth (mm) 600
Height (mm) 1950
Manufacturer UHL-MASH
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Full Description

Server hardware is necessary for creating the company's internal network. This is an expensive task that requires proper storage conditions. The SM-42U/6 server mounting rack is a universal open-type structure. It combines ease of maintenance and functional placement of devices. The price of the rack compares favorably with the telecommunications cabinet. You can buy it from the UHL-MASH.


   The packaging protects the rack from damage and scratches

   Thick cardboard is designed to withstand accidental bumps

   Protect surfaces from dust and moisture

   Easy to open without any extra effort

   A convenient form for transportation

Advantages of using

The SM-42U/6 server rack is a collapsible structure based on strong steel. It is optimal for placing network and optical equipment-19-inch frames are used. They are often used indoors because they have an open base. Unlike expensive cabinets that are closed on all sides with steel sheets, the rack is presented in the form of a strong frame without walls. This allows easy access to the equipment, and it is not necessary to remove it from the shelves during maintenance.

The advantages of struts:

  • the phosphated metal is coated with polymer-powder paint. Provides anti-corrosion resistance, surfaces are resistant to high temperatures and moisture;
  • the equipment does not overheat during operation. The open frame does not require ventilation;
  • small holes in the lower part of the server cabinet allow you to fix the racks to the floor.


To place the devices, adjustable shelves are used that can store the equipment in several rows. The product can withstand up to 500 kg of evenly distributed weight. The frame is resistant to loosening due to additional fasteners. At the base of the rack are fixed supports. They are adjustable in 25 mm increments, ensuring that the network devices are positioned statically on uneven floors. The high quality of the SM-42U/6 server rack guarantees proper operation for a long time. It does not require specific care, if necessary, the product is equipped with additional shelves, socket modules and other equipment. UHL-MASH offers the best price for the SM-42U/6 server rack. You can view the full range and buy a server rack on the section page.

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Server rack SM-42U/6 Server rack SM-42U/6