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Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125

Code: 61597000-P00074
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
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Features Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125
Model LWT-6400-125
Length (mm) 900
Width (mm) 595
Height (mm) 870
Manufacturer UHL-MASH

Full Description

Large warehouses are problematic to maintain due to the area of the room. You can improve the loading conditions by buying a platform cart. The design helps to speed up the movement of goods in the warehouse, without attracting a lot of workers.

Advantages of the platform cart

A platform trolley is a wheeled structure designed to transport goods around a warehouse. The cast housing, made of plastic with increased strength indicators, evenly distributes weight throughout the structure. The platform is equipped with stiffeners that prevent deformation of the body under loads. The wheels are tightly screwed to the platform, preventing loosening of the structure. One axle is equipped with rotating wheels, the second – non-rotating, which is convenient for changing directions during transportation.


  • Load capacity – 300.0 kg.
  • Type of wheels – cast rubber.
  • A number of wheels – 4 PCs.
  • A number of swivel wheels - 2 PCs.
  • The width of the platform is 595 mm.
  • The length of the platform is 900 mm.
  • The height of the platform is 190 mm.

Additional features:

  • Load - 300 kg.
  • High-quality powder coating – yes.
  • The size of the wheels is 125x30 mm.
  • The presence of a folding handle – yes.
  • The material of the wheels is steel/rubber.

The load capacity of the trolley is 300 kg, it is undesirable to exceed the permissible load. The dimensions of the platform are designed for loading goods of standard and non-standard sizes. The trolley is equipped with a folding handle, which simplifies the transportation of goods, assuming the use of the structure by one worker. Metal elements are painted with powder-polymer paint to protect against corrosion. The paint increases resistance to moisture, temperature changes and chemically aggressive substances.

UHL-MASH offers to buy a platform cart at an affordable price. On the pages of the catalogue, you can get acquainted with the range of products of the plant. Before getting on the counter, the quality and compliance of the product with regulatory requirements is checked. The products presented in the catalogue have a warranty period from the manufacturer. To place an order, you should contact the Manager by phone, or leave a request on the website.

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Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125 Shelf trolley LWT-6400-125