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Platform trolleys

When platform trolleys are needed?

Logistics greatly affects the efficiency of enterprises. If the products are not delivered on time, the work of warehouses and supermarkets is disrupted. Transportation is important in this process because oversized items are hard to transport manually. Some goods require careful handling, which machine cargo transportation is unable to offer. It is irrational to use human resources because an employee gets tired and can be injured. For these purposes, it is profitable to buy platform trolleys, which are assembled in the assortment of the manufacturer UHL-MASH.

Features of the equipment and how to choose trolleys to the warehouse

Platform trolleys are designed for transporting goods indoors or outside. They have a rigid structure that can be moved on 4 wheels. On one of the axes, the warehouse trolleys rotate at an angle of 360 degrees, which is useful for transportation in the right direction. Two wheels are non-rotating, due to which the smooth running of the hand product is maintained. Buying platform trolleys in Kyiv are one of the cheapest types of warehouse equipment. One person's efforts are enough to manage and maintain a metal product. Carts for cargo have become ubiquitous, and the manufacturer UHL-MASH offers a large selection of models.

By what criteria are carts classified:

  • Load capacity.
  • The type of platform.
  • Additional design elements.
  • The material of the wheel supports.

Solid platform trolleys have an optimal height. They are equipped with rubber, wooden, metal, or rubber-plastic flooring. The metal layer is considered the most reliable, although it makes the product heavier. Lattice platforms are designed for oversized and non-standard loads that do not fit on shelves. The special design facilitates the cart for boxes, so the employee needs less effort for transportation. The choice between models depends on the specifics of the work, so ask the manager how to choose platform trolleys in Ukraine. Sometimes companies use cheap carts, but such products wear out quickly. The company sells models for different budgets and equipment.

What are the characteristics of platform trolleys?

Rubber, polyamide, or polyurethane are used for the manufacture of wheels, depending on the desired characteristics. The load capacity of platform trolleys varies from 100 to 800 kg. Most enterprises choose equipment with maximum dimensions and weight of 300-400 kg. It is better to buy equipment with optimal load capacity, so as not to overpay for the size of the structure. Additionally, the product can be equipped with handles (for ease of management), shelves (increase the loading area), bumpers (keep the goods from falling out), or baskets (for working with combined loads).

Choosing the price of platform trolleys simplifies the purchase of products for specific tasks. The purchase rules are guided by the specifics of the premises and the type of products. If the floor in the warehouse is flat, rubberized wheels are enough. In the case of using platform trolleys on wheels outside the premises, it is better to purchase pneumatic wheels. The load capacity depends on the type of platform and the dimensions of the wheels. For a four-wheeled product with wheels with a diameter of 125 mm, the load capacity is 350-400 kg. The increased diameter makes it easier to load the tool cart regardless of length and width. For example, wheels with a diameter of 200 mm will withstand a load of 600-700 kg.

Occasionally, the equipment is used in rooms where the floor surface is contaminated with technical substances. In this case, it is worth buying a platform cleaning trolley with polyamide wheels and anti-slip bearings. Some products are universal. They are equipped with an additional platform that extends the work surface 2-2.5 times. Such models are suitable for storing long loads (rolls of wallpaper, linoleum, lumber, etc.). In addition to cargo transportation platform trolleys, there are two-wheeled options.

Recommendations before buying platform trolleys for a warehouse

If you need to buy inexpensive platform trolleys for production, it is important to consider the rules of equipment selection. Modifications with several shelves have been developed for storing and transporting products inboxes. The rigid welded construction of the shopping cart is designed for loads weighing up to 550 kg. The shelves are additionally equipped with drawer-fixing sides. For the transportation of small loads or bulk goods, mobile trolleys with mesh sides have been developed. There are several wall layout options available, and the load capacity varies on average from 150 to 600 kg.

Bulky loads weighing 500 kg are transported on reinforced production shelf trolleys. Such elements are tubular sides or stiffeners. If the cargo is delivered on the rise, we recommend products with an anti-slip platform. Usually, the bottom of the equipment is covered with rubberized material. Such products are useful if the cargo truck is moving on an uneven surface when the load is shaking. Moreover, available are products with a low side (100-150 mm). They are needed to transport spherical cargo that can roll off the platform.

In addition to the characteristics of warehouse equipment, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer. The company UHL-MASH has extensive experience in the production of industrial furniture. The site contains products at low prices, and photos and reviews will simplify the choice of goods. The correct purchase of platform trolleys optimizes the storage and transportation of products, as well as improves the efficiency of the warehouse.