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PS shelving systems

How to Ensure the PS Shelving Systems in Non-Standard Conditions

Shelving systems accommodate products of different weights and sizes. These structures are common in companies of most types of activity where it is required to place cargo. They are found in industrial, commercial and manufacturing enterprises. Also, racks for hardware are used in garages, increasing the convenience of the master. Sometimes there are not enough functional areas in the structures, so we recommend buy PS shelving systems. They increase the capacity of the warehouse without taking up extra space. The company UHL-MASH offers individual assembly of bins rack PS. Consider the features and specifics of the equipment.

How to Choose a Shelving System PS for a Warehouse

Most often, PS racks are purchased to create a spacious storage area. Not always the size of the room is enough to accommodate different types of goods. This makes it difficult to find and transport products. PS shelving systems are metal structures that combine multiple storage systems. They include shelving, bin storage rack, cabinets and drawers. Choosing cheap PS shelving systems, it is important to pay attention to the quality of materials. The products can be used for office, warehouse or industrial tasks. They are convenient for small rooms because you can put documentation, hardware and parts on the shelves.

Elements of a PS Shelving Systems:

  • Racks for hardware. Durable perforated profiles with applied perforation. They are attached to the shelves, which are adjustable in a step of 50 mm.
  • Supports. They are necessary to reduce damage to the floor if it is covered with soft material (linoleum, parquet).
  • Connector. Holds the struts together, increases overall strength and prevents loosening.
  • Shelf PS. Represents a storage element. Shelves are the main element in the sale of PS shelving systems, so we offer reliable shelves.
  • Separator. It is necessary for the partition of different types of goods. It acts as a support for folders and dimensional items.
  • Front and back panels, as well as partitions. We performed in a solid or mesh version. Restricts space against falling cargo.
  • Beams and traverses. Securely place car tires in the service STATION. There is a drawer for storing small items and components.
  • Swing doors. They are equipped with a lock to restrict access to outsiders. Create a secure Cabinet for installation even in the office, warehouse or workshop.

To order PS shelving systems online on the site pages, a designer is provided. The range includes various options for components that take into account the specifics of use. This will help you choose equipment for rooms of different sizes. You can choose PS shelving systems in the store by specifying the size of the parts, the type of coating, the depth of the shelves, the number of sections and the levels of beams. Often, a specific microclimate is observed in warehouses, and various liquids can be stored on the shelves. The anti-corrosion properties of the furniture and bins rack are provided by pre-treatment or galvanized coating. The use of powder paint protects against small defects and improves appearance. We offer PS shelving systems with bin storage rack and fast delivery.