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What you need to know before you buy safes

Everyone cares about the safety of storing valuables. Thousands of cases of theft are recorded annually, so it's worth considering buying a metal safe. This classic product will protect money and jewelry behind a strong lock, keeping the contents from unwanted access. Before buying, it is important to know how to choose a safe, and what price will be optimal. The UHL-MASH online store offers a wide selection of safes in Kyiv and the regions of Ukraine.

How to choose a safe for home

If you need to buy a safe for your home, you need to consider many parameters. Firstly, what exactly will be stored in the safe plays an important role. Some people use it to store money and important papers, others — to protect valuables in case of fire, and still others — to store weapons.

The vast majority of people are faced with the need to buy a safe to preserve material values. In this case, we recommend choosing safes from the manufacturer, which, if installed correctly, are difficult to detect. Due to the optimal size, they can be mounted in furniture or wall. The best option for this is to purchase built-in safes in Kyiv. If it is not possible to mount the storage, pay attention to furniture safes. Such products can be placed in any cabinet.

Among the advantages that inexpensive safes for furniture have, they are distinguished by:

  • high level of protection;
  • no additional installation;
  • inconspicuous placement;
  • optimal housing dimensions;
  • operational access to material values.

When installing such storage, you should choose hardy furniture. Under the weight of a metal safe, a weak table or cabinet may break. This should be considered if you need to buy a safe in Odessa or another city. If it is necessary to provide reliable protection of things in case of fire, it is worth buying safes that are resistant to high temperatures. Choosing which safe to buy in Kyiv, you need to consider the fire resistance class. For example, Class B safes are protected at an internal temperature of no more than 170 °C. In class D, this indicator is lower — no more than 70 °C.

Is it worth overpaying for a burglar-proof safe:

  • due to the overall dimensions and weight, as well as attachment to the floor or wall, it is almost impossible to steal such a safe; 
  • the doors are equipped with special protection systems, so they cannot be removed even by cutting the hinges.

It is necessary to consider the higher cost along with other storage facilities. And the higher the protection class, the more expensive the equipment. Therefore, for those who are looking for an inexpensive safe, it is necessary to determine the level of reliability. In addition, such storage does not protect the contents during a fire. In this case, we recommend buying a safe in Ukraine with high burglar-proof properties. The full range of metal safes is available on the website. They are presented in different models and cost options. Looking for a safe store in Kyiv? Contact the online store of UHL-MASH safes. Here, the sale of safes is carried out at the manufacturer's price.

A safe is defined as a burglar-proof steel structure. The protective properties are determined by powerful walls and a built-in lock. It is intended for documents, memorabilia, weapons, and money. It is optimally suited for residential flats, companies and industrial premises. The safe is indispensable in the work of banks and financial institutions, where there is a high risk of penetration. Occasionally, the products are used for storing keys, medicines and electronics, restricting access to children. No safe will protect you from prolonged hacking, its task is to complicate the thief's attempts as much as possible. In addition to burglar-proof properties, some models protect against fire, moisture seepage and demagnetization of carriers. The range of UHL-MASH includes inexpensive and professional safes of any characteristics.

Important advantages of safes:

  • alternative to a bank safe deposit box;
  • storage takes up a minimum of space;
  • conclusions of communications;
  • complements the interior;
  • anti-corrosion treatment;
  • optimal dimensions.

The production of safes is based on the requirements of the State Standards GOST, which defines the characteristics and purposes of use. There are 12 classes of burglary resistance on sale, indicating the minimum allowable time of the hacking. The higher it is, the more resistant the unit is too negative influences. Basic models are suitable for papers and jewellery, such safes are inexpensive to buy. These include furniture, office and built-in safes, the task of which is to hide property from outsiders. The fire resistance parameter is also applied: 30B-120B. The indicator is responsible for the period during which the paper is not charred (measured in minutes). More advanced options include thick walls, reinforced locking mechanism, mounting to the wall or floor. This prevents the safe from being taken out if it could not be opened.

Features and protective functions of safes

No matter how much the protective box costs, it must withstand mechanical impact. The correct price of the safe is at least 15% of the cost of the contents. Thieves often use hand tools, thermal devices and electrical equipment. The thickness of the walls of a cheap safe does not withstand such contact for long, respectively, budget models are surrounded by security. If the product is installed at home, you can save on high burglar resistance. Depending on the type of values, the size is chosen. It should hold money, personal belongings and documents. Most of the UHL-MASH models correspond to such goals. Weapon safes are desirable for ammunition. They are equipped with holders and a trailer for ammunition. Focusing on personal comfort, choose mechanical locking with a key or a combination lock. The latter runs on batteries, has a memory function In the first case, consider the convenience of the key.

How to secure the safe?

Each model contains an installation instruction that can be performed by yourself or with the help of a master. Cabinets can be freestanding, built-in and furniture. The first option is applicable for burglar-proof, deposit, fireproof, elite and data safes. If the design needs to be hidden, while maintaining practicality, we recommend furniture and office products. The height and width are optimal for installation under a table or a cabinet. Full confidentiality is guaranteed by built-in safes (masked by a mirror, socket, painting, decorative elements). If you need to hide keys or a memento, buy cashboxes. They are mounted in the wall, closing with a hiding place. In the UHL-MASH store, you can choose and buy safes in Kyiv with delivery in Ukraine.