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Server equipment and cabinets

Server Hardware Features

The activities of many companies are related to the collection and processing of information. A server is a software and hardware complex that structures information resources. Well-coordinated operation of switching devices is impossible without proper placement. We recommend buy server cabinets and racks in UHL-MASH. The site contains detailed photos and customer reviews.

How Network Equipment Works

For the arrangement of the server, cabinets and racks are used. The small size allows you to organize hosting even in a small room. To measure the height, use the unit (44.45 mm). By ordering server equipment and cabinets in store UHL-MASH, you get a universal design. Many people save on materials, but we use high-quality metal. Flexible delivery works in UHL-MASH, so we send the equipment. The company regularly participates in exhibitions and offers a catalogue of network products.

The Main Parameters:

  • Server cabinets are locked with German locks. This is necessary for individual access and content protection on each side. For added convenience, the opening side of the doors is easy to change.
  • Since many cables are coming from the switching equipment, fasteners and output holes are provided. This eliminates tangling or bending, so the wire is not damaged.
  • Server hardware can be easily modified for specific tasks. It can be equipped with a patch panel, a network filter, separators and cooling units.
  • It is dangerous to transport a loaded cabinet on an uneven floor, so adjustable wheel bearings are used.

When the company manages the information network, you need to purchase an installation box for the server needs. Professional cabinets and racks accommodate devices on several levels. Air vents create passive cooling. When the air temperature inside the cabinet is elevated, natural cooling is maintained. Thanks to the convenient opening of the walls, you do not have to pull out bulky devices. If you are interested for sale of server equipment and cabinets, we offer a product catalogue from the manufacturer. Product samples are always available in the showroom.

How to Choose the Hardware for the Server

Cabinets and rack racks are supplied in the welded or collapsible form. The advantage of welded construction is in the case of increased wear resistance. To give the metal anti-corrosion resistance, pretreatment is used. This protects the metal from humid air and temperature changes. Polymer-powder paint is also used. The walls are painted with the universal RAL-7035 colour. A cheap server equipment and cabinets with adjustable rails adapts to the size of the contents, which is convenient for non-standard devices. A copper ground terminal against static voltage is provided. For the floor cabinet, a front door with tempered glass in a steel frame is provided. It has antistatic properties, and when damaged, the glass is showered with blunt edges.

The rack consists of a frame with a thickness of 3 mm. Several independent racks can be assembled into a single system through a side chute. The open design facilitates ventilation and simplifies maintenance. The computer cabinet is used for safe placement of the PC. Order server equipment and cabinets online in the store of the official manufacturer. The equipment is indispensable in banks, laboratories and factories where there is an increased risk of hacking. There are isolated areas for the monitor, keyboard and system unit. They are locked with separate locks, and also equipped with a printer for fixing actions. The vandal-proof cabinet is equipped with strong walls and is rigidly attached to the wall. The reinforced structure withstands significant load and prolonged exposure to fire. There is a cable outlet at the back.

The correct arrangement for the server will ensure reliable operation of the telecommunication's system. Inexpensive server equipment meets the requirements for the placement of network devices. UHL-MASH guarantees durability and practicality of metal products. We offer the best prices for server equipment and additional equipment. The range is collected on the website or in the exhibition hall of the company.