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Server equipment and cabinets

When you build a large computer network in the organization, one of the objectives is to place the server and switching telecommunications equipment. It is desirable that such an arrangement was compact and affordable, provides the required temperature, limiting unauthorized access to the server, guaranteed for neat stacking cords and connecting cables server hardware.

To solve this problem are usually used telecommunication server cabinets or open racks 19", when the width of the equipment is between the mounting rail is 19 inches (482.6 mm).

We offer high quality server equipment racks. Our server equipment, such as server rack is necessary for the proper installation of wired communications. Server cabinet can be on floor or wall mounted. Properly selected server cabinet or other network equipment - guarantee the smooth operation of computer and telecommunication networks.

Rack cabinets 19 " are considered the main circuit element for installing components of structured cabling systems and are closed 19" construction. The supporting structure is considered to be welded cabinet frame, cover-bottom and 19 " rails. The frame telecom enclosure made of steel and is used to set all other parts of the telecommunication enclosure. The frame is considered the main structure, which gives the main resistance telecommunications enclosure.

Racks and Cabinets 19 are designed for a standard nineteen inch server mounting hardware.

Wall mounting server cabinet is a versatile constructive for mounting 19 inch attachments: telecommunications, server, communication stations, data storage devices, networking equipment and using shelves various non-standard equipment.

Server rack can be mounted on adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors. The presence at the base of the rack server special holes allows to rigidly fastening to the floor. Shipped unassembled with mounting kits, in a compact package and assembly instructions.