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Parts rack single-sided
Parts rack single-sided
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Parts rack double-sided

Why the need for metal hardware racks universal

Hardware – small metal products that are widely used in everyday life or production. Shelving structures are in demand for storing fasteners and mechanisms. They are most often found inside warehouses, production sites and retail outlets. Every master knows the problem of finding screws and nuts. Without special equipment, it is difficult to work, so UHL-MASH offers to buy racks for hardware "Universal". The website presents a range of products. It differs in design, dimensions and design.

What do universal racks for hardware consist of?

The bin storage rack is designed for economical storage of small parts. This steel equipment organizes the production process and prevents the loss of parts. Thanks to the well-thought-out dimensions, the stand takes up a minimum of space and simplifies the operation of the warehouse. Cheap racks for hardware equipment "universal" are in great demand. The advantages of warehouse furniture include reliability and aesthetic appearance. Roomy designs for self-tapping screws make it easier to maintain the store because small goods are always in the sight of customers. Thanks to the neat storage in plastic boxes, equipment are easy to sort by size and purpose.

As a material of hardware racks, high-quality steel is used, which forms a reliable profile and traverses. In warehouses, there are often budget designs with trays. Such analogues have limited functionality, so we offer hardware storage racks for sale. The manufacturer combines plastic with metal, so the equipment combines convenience and reliability. Steel surfaces are protected from corrosion by polymer-powder coating. This allows you to use bins rack even under adverse conditions.

Design and types of racks for hardware

In the catalogue of products the most popular collapsible racks, because they are mounted directly on the spot. Functional units of these structures are load-bearing steel racks, traverses and plastic trays. They are designed for reliable storage of small products. When buying racks for hardware online, you should pay attention to the perforation to adjust the height of the structure. It is possible to build up individual working sections if it was necessary to place more auto parts. Sometimes the cuvettes are installed with a slight slope, which makes it easier to view the contents.

The equipment for tools and bolts must meet the following requirements:

  • strength;
  • sustainability;
  • compact size;
  • security of use;
  • aesthetic design.

The rack made of a metal frame is made in the form of a stationary or mobile structure. In the second case, metal racks are equipped with rollers to move the product to a convenient place. Racks for hardware can be one-sided or two-sided. The first option has a wall-mounted installation, so it takes up a minimum of space. If there are trays on both sides, the full-size equipment is mounted in the middle of the hall. Order hardware storage racks in the store to choose additional equipment. All bins racks are equipped with fasteners that guarantee reliable attachment to the floor or wall.

To calculate the price of racks for hardware, you should take into account the operating conditions, dimensions and purpose. It is important to study the features of hardware and the need to transport the structure. The manufacturer offers a selection of designs that meet the criteria of metal furniture. After determining the functionality and design of the hardware bins rack, contact UHL-MASH. The online store offers hardware racks at a reasonable price.