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Wall mounted server cabinet

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Server сabinet SC-07U
Server сabinet SC-07U
Server сabinet SC-07U
57,66 EUR
79,01 EUR
Server сabinet SC-12U/6.6CY
Server сabinet SC-12U/6.6CY
Server сabinet SC-12U/6.6CY
81,60 EUR
Server сabinet SC-15U/6.4С
Server сabinet SC-15U/6.4С
Server сabinet SC-15U/6.4С
95,42 EUR

Wall Mounted Server Cabinet

 SC Mounted Server Assembly Cabinets

SC mounted server assembly cabinet constitutes a universal wall construction for the 19" standard electronic, network, and telecommunication equipment. When furnished with shelves, it provides for installation of various non-standard equipment.

Lockable front door – glass in a steel frame. Side walls – removable (with clips). In order to facilitate mounting, first a light fastening plate is fixed on a wall and then a cabinet is hung on it. There are seats for a fan module. Our cabinets are furnished with two cable-inputs and 19" profiles. 19" profiles can be installed at any depth. To ensure natural cooling cabinets’ tops and bottoms are perforated.

Specifications and configuration:

  • Base dimensions (width х depth) – 600 х 450 mm or 600 х 600 mm.
  • Height – 7U, 15U.
  • Load capacity – up to 100 kg.
  • Two pairs of vertical 19” guides with 1U(44.45 mm) step.
  • Two cable-inputs with plugs (on top and bottom).
  • Coating – polymeric powder with prior surface phosphatation.
  • Shipment – fully assembled.

 Wall Mounted Server Cabinet

Wall mounted 19 inch server cabinet this enclosure is designed for installation of the server or mounting hardware.

Wall mounting server cabinet is an optimal construction for mounting 19 inch attachments: telecommunications, server, communication stations, data storage devices, networking equipment and using shelves - various non-standard equipment.

For ease of access to telecommunications equipment cabinet is equipped with removable mounting walls. The front door of server cabinet with a lock - glass in a steel frame. We can offer you many different constructions. Structurally cabinets provide installation cooling system or fan for extra cooling equipment. Also cabinet installation can have complete grounding.

To facilitate installation of the cabinet - wall mounted light mounting plate, and then it is mounted server cabinet.

Wall mounted rack 19 are made of stainless steel and designed with all possible aspects of the equipment.

Wall mounted cabinet - this is a very cost-effective solution in the event that it is necessary to place the optimum server hardware. The cabinet is designed in such a way that a reliable protection for the equipment from unauthorized external access. The body is made of solid steel and cooling system and protection against dust allowed to extend the life of telecommunications equipment. Wall cabinet server meets all the requirements for the equipment of telecommunications networks and the installation of active and passive server hardware.

Wall mounted server cabinets are designed to accommodate different active and passive network equipment. Operating the server wall cabinets available in the office or in specialized server and network areas. Wall mounted cabinet allows you to place network equipment to support the work of local computer networks of small or home office.