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Workshop furniture

About Industrial Furniture

Each workshop has obligatory safety requirements. Since the activity of the workshop is associated with increased risk of injury, it is recommended to buy industrial workshop furniture. This furniture is a must-have for mobile and stationary work areas. Workbenches are used in industrial enterprises, repair shops and car services. As workbenches are safe and reliable equipment, many professionals use them. UHL-MASH offers to buy workshop furniture at manufacturer's prices. It is essential equipment for storing tools and creating convenient working environment for the working staff.

Characteristics of workbenches

Workbenches are intended to arrange work places for locksmith or carpentry works. Industrial furniture must be firmly fastened to the floor for elimination of undesirable vibrations. The capacious workbench countertop simplifies to use of fittings, so even their inexpensive models increase the worker's efficiency. You can find a large selection of workshop furniture online on the company's website. Thereby the master is more focused on work processes and less distracted. The furniture must be of high quality, therefore we recommend to buy industrial equipment manufactured by UHL-MASH.

Main Features of Industrial Furniture:

  • The countertop and shelves should have the required load capacity. The weight-carrying capacity is indicated in the model specifications.
  • The dimensions of the workbench should allow the most efficient space use and accommodating many tools.
  • Since workbenches are used to perform precise work, they must be resistant to loosening. For this purpose, fastening to the floor is provided.
  • In order to avoid unauthorized access to the tools, workbenches are equipped with drawers with a lock.
  • The workbenches are supplied with shelves, drawers and cabinets. They can hold various parts, tools and documents.

The workbench design includes shaped tube and a capacious countertop. The price of workbenches cannot be low, because of resistant components to rapid wear and tear. The efficiency of worker depends on quality of workbenches, therefore furniture for car services should meet strict quality standards. The full catalog of the workshop furniture store is available on the website, as well as in the company's showroom.

The Price of Industrial Workbench

A metal body is used in the manufacture of workbench and assembly tables. The Metal structure of workbench survives long-term usage without essential wear-and-tear. It is enough to wipe dirt off for cleaning workbenches’ surfaces. Due to special treatment, the metal parts of the components are resistant to corrosion. This treatment protects tables from moisture and temperature extremes, as a result, rust is not generated on them. The powder-coated table does not need any additional treatment. We offer a sale of workshop furniture, which can be ordered with delivery. Powder coating improves the appearance of the furniture, so it does for the interior of most workshops.

Types of Industrial Furniture Offered by our Company’s Product Range:

  • Tool and hardware cabinets are intended for arranging working places at workshops and service stations. They are needed to store auxiliaries, gear and spare parts. Tool and hardware cabinets can be furnished with shelves, drawers and containers for holding hardware.
  • Carpenter’s benches are intended for woodwork performance and part grooving. They are fitted with a 40 mm thick wood worktop, which is sufficient for training and milling performance. The surface of worktop is covered with a protective layer and equipped with a fixing viсes.
  •  At the base of the locksmith’s bench is a 2 mm thick channel girder. This bench is equipped with one or more cabinets. The metal supports are adjustable to the height of the person with 50 mm step.
  • Tool cabinets are intended to accommodate the master’s equipment. Since extra hardware can put down into cabinets, even inexpensive industrial furniture will allow you to use your workspace efficiently. Tool cabinets can be equipped with wheels for mobility.
  • Lodgements appear as a plastic containers for tools. They are optimally sized to fit into drawers. Lodgements are made of safe ABS plastic.
  • Tool carts are intended for transportation of various loads. Our carts are fitted out with wheels with a diameter of 125 mm and handle in front.

You can order cheap workshop furniture on UHL-MASH’s website. Please check out our website catalogue of workbenches for car services, workshop and repair shops. We offers a wide range of countertops to meet customer’s requirements: moisture-proof plywood, resin cover with galvanized edging, ferrous metal, galvanized, metal or stainless steel cover. The UHL-MASH manager would be happy to help you select a model of industrial furniture and arrange delivery to any region.