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About Metal Fitter’s Bench for Workshop

Locksmithing is one of the most complicated jobs. In order to avoid faults in the process of performing work, it is important to have special skills and use various tools. For arranging toolman work place, UHL-MASH offers to buy workbench desks. The usage of our workbenches makes metalwoking a lot easier and also speeds up the performance of а toolman. Our company has been manufacturing industrial furniture for over 20 years and our workstations have high quality consistently. You can familiarize with the wide range of work bench on the manufacturer's website. We will discuss the main advantages of workbenches for locksmith work.

Features of Fitter’s Bench

Metal fitter’s bench are in demand for use at industrial enterprises, repair shops, factories and car service. Metalworking requires high precision and accuracy, so you should not save on the purchase of workbenches. Since cheap metal fitter’s bench often have defects leading to errors in the workflow, the quality of the workbenches affect the efficiency of work and safety of the personnel. Taking into account the specifics of usage, you should choose reliable fitter’s benches. You can choose the optimal model from the UHL-MASH product line. We offer turnkey solutions for any budget. UHL-MASH offers ready-made solutions of work table for any budget.

Fitter’s benches are made of metal. This material forms a solid and reliable body to resist loosening. The base of the frame is made from sturdy channel or reinforced tubing, which helps to avoid shaking when handling heavy objects. Pre-phosphating gives metal workstations anti-corrosion properties. Besides surfaces are covered with a high-quality powder coating, which protects the metal from direct contact of moisture. In addition, this coating does not allow the appearance of scratches and rust. It is important to correctly to order the workbench in the store, so as not to limit the capabilities of the locksmith. These specifications determine the price of fitter’s work tables, but UHL-MASH offers goods at remunerative price.

Choosing Metal Fitter’s Benches

Fitter’s benches are furnished with one or two cabinets. These cabinets are used to store tools, which is very important for any repair activities, for example car service. We also offer the sale of workbench desks without cabinets. Each workbench desks is fastened to the table, increasing the general durability of the workplace. Cabinets are furnished with locks, so only authorized personnel can have access to the tool. Drawer cabinets (up to 8 items) can be fitted out with doors or additional pull-out shelves. Cabinet drawers are 100% extensible and are furnished with telescopic runners to provide full access to the contents. The top for work table is rounded to avoid master’s injuries and to increase the comfort. Tools should be at hand at any time, so consider the features of the top of workbench.

Countertop options of workstations for home and workshop:

  • natural beech wood top or metal sheeting;
  • zinc-plated steel or ferrous metal top;
  • metal sheeting with stainless edging;
  • stainless steel sheeting.

The basic configuration of our workbench desks includes the 24 mm thick plywood top. This kind of top is moisture resistant and does not swell on contact with water. To choose a workbench online, check out the company's catalog. The main indicator of the countertop is endurance. A wooden surface is optimal for day-to-day tasks (it has an affordable price), but requires gentle use. If you work with industrial equipment, bench screw and heavy parts, a reinforced countertop is the best choice for you. In our product range, there are also a heavy line of workbenches, mobile models and workstations with adjustable worktop heights. Additional configuration elements are suggested to them: a perforated panel for a tool, daylight lamps, a vice, tools holders, electrical socket blocks and others accessories.

The manufacturer UHL-MASH uses quality materials, which guarantees the reliability of fitter’s workbenches. There are different types of industrial work benches in our product range. They meet the strict quality standards and the specifics of usage. You can find detailed photos, as well as customer reviews on the website. Our manager will help you choose the fitter's benches for your budget, as well as offer options for configuration the countertop.