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Inventory cabinet SMX-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMX-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMX-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMXS-400/2
Inventory cabinet SMX-500/1
Inventory cabinet SMX-500/1
Inventory cabinet SMX-500/1

Possible Use of Inventory Cabinets

Household inventory cabinets set up a safe working environment. They are primarily intended for industrial enterprises, sports clubs, and shopping malls. Household cabinets belong to the multifunctional furniture items for storage and utility rooms. They are meant for the storage of cleaning tools, washing detergents, and special overalls. Check out our website catalogue to buy inventory cabinets from the Ukrainian manufacturer UHL-MASH at remunerative prices.

Features of Metal Household Cabinets

Household cabinets have partly perforated bodies to ensure air extraction. This allows storing household chemical goods that release harmful fumes. Such features might be needed, for instance, at construction sites, ski resorts, and production plants with open manufacturing locations. Given a reinforced pedestal and reinforcement ribs our household cabinets are highly resistant to mechanical damage. Depending on the configuration type, additional cabinet equipment may include legs, pedestal, angled top, and towel holder. First, the surfaces of cheap storage cabinets undergo the Parkerization process and then are covered with a high-quality powder coating to increase the corrosion resistance.

Storage Cabinets are Primarily Used to Store the Following Items:

  • compact hardware, screwdrivers, gear and tooling;
  • special overalls and outer clothing of employees;
  • production implements and cleaning utensils;
  • workshop tools and devices.

Because household cabinets might hold some really heavy items, we have given our cabinets solid and reliable bodies. Inexpensive household cabinets can be either welded or disassemblable. The inner space of a cabinet is divided into partitions and shelves. Learn more details about inventory cabinets online by visiting the manufacturer's website. The cabinet can be outfitted with crossbars or hooks to ensure the ergonomic use of the furniture. Appearance is very important for household cabinets. That is why all of our products are of an eye-pleasing versatile colour.

Choosing Steel Inventory Cabinets

When purchasing a household cabinet one takes into account the following main selection criteria: the price and functionality. The determining factors for choosing a household cabinet are its overall dimensions, weight, and design. The full range is available in the store of inventory cabinets, which is presented on the website. For extra convenience in use, you can choose capacious shelves. For more details, please check out photos of our products and installation diagrams.

Advantages of Household Cabinets:

  •  easy delivery and installation;
  • use of reliable locks with individual keys;
  • durable structure with fire-resistant properties;
  • easy care and the possibility to perform cleansing operations;
  • resistance to aggressive impact and unpleasant odour absorption.

Our household cabinets comply with sanitation and hygiene standards. The manufacturer also offers a model made of stainless steel, which is indispensable for storing chemicals. On the website of UHL-MASH, the sale of Inventory сabinets of Ukrainian production is available. Find out more on the company's website, and also make sure to contact one of our managers. We offer reliable household cabinets for the complex arrangement of utility rooms.