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Locker SO-400/2-6

Code: 50510-0038
Locker SO-400/2-6
Two-section cellular cabinets SO with open doors
The door of a metal storage cell SO with two cells
Locker SO-400/2-6
Two-section cellular cabinets SO with open doors
The door of a metal storage cell SO with two cells
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Features Locker SO-400/2-6
Model SO-400/2-6
Width (mm) 800
Depth (mm) 500
Height (mm) 1800
Section width (mm) 400
Number of cells (pcs.) 6
Number of sections (pcs.) 2
Gross weight, kg 44.8
Type of packaging Stretch film
Dimensions of packing, mm 1800 х 800 х 500
Manufacturer UHL-MASH
Type of coating Powder coating
Product color

Full Description

Stores take various measures to protect their products from theft. The most popular solution is locker, but is it safe? Visitors often refuse to put things in them, so the lockers must be reliable. The best option is to buy locker SO-400/2-6. They are completely made of metal, which guarantees the reliability of the structure. It is safe to leave things in these lockers during purchases, because they will not be easy to open. Let's look at the specifics of operation and strengths of the locker SO-400/2-6. 

Advantages of cell cabinets:

  • seams and corners are securely cleaned and do not have jagged or sharp edges;
  • the small depth of the locker will save space for narrow and long rooms;
  • the doors do not loosen during regular use due to the connection loops;
  • phosphating and powder coating protects the metal from corrosion;
  • it can be locked with a combination, padlock or contactless lock.

Lock options for lockers


Built-in lock


Rotary handle for padlock


Contactless lock


Mechanical combination lock


Twist handle


Electronic lock

Features of cell cabinets

The cell cabinet is a reliable steel case. The construction is designed for temporary placement of personal items, including bags and goods purchased in other stores. Luggage storage is used in stores and supermarkets, but it is also found in locker rooms and schools. The locker is made of sheet steel with increased wear resistance. The structure is equipped with six chambers, three compartments for each section. The cell doors are equipped with European Euro-locks (Germany)/Emka (France). By locking the cabinet with a key, access is restricted to outsiders. The locker is delivered assembled.

Additional equipment for cabinets:

  • legs;
  • plinth;
  • the sloping roof;
  • extendable bench;
  • the bench is stationary.

With corner roof


On legs


On a plinth


Towel holder


Additional shelf

The difference between the locker SO-400/2-6. This reduces the risk of breaking into the cabinet cell. The design helps to save space in compact rooms. This is facilitated by the dimensions of the locker . The case is phosphated and painted with powder paint. Processing gives the metal anti-corrosion properties, protects against scratches and improves the appearance. Storage rooms can be cleaned of dirt using household chemicals. Additional equipment is available in the UHL-MASH range. This will help expand the functionality of the product. On the website, you can buy a locker SO-400/2-6 at an affordable price.

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Locker SO-400/2-6 Locker SO-400/2-6